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Rocket Decorations

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Shooting off the rocket


The boys have been really into rockets lately. There’s a real rocket attached to a building in our neighborhood, the Fremont Rocket, and Uly asks to take that route to his school in the mornings to see it. This was followed by the brilliant idea to watch YouTube videos of people giving tutorials on how to shoot off model rockets. Ulysses can explain the whole thing to you: first, you put in the wadding, then the engine and ignitor, turn the key, say 5-4-3-2-1! (very very loudly), followed by rocket noises (how are boys so innately good at making machinery noises?). Hence, the rocket party.

I worked on the decorations for about a month ahead of time so I was able to get a number of things made. I made: the invites (just cut out construction paper), the stamps used to stamp the napkins and cutlery; those hanging rockets were poppers filled with confetti (tutorial here), 5-4-3-2-1 garland, cake (made with Twizzler pull-aparts and ice cream cone for the base), and fruit rockets and cookies with a rocket cookie cutter. I set up a panini bar for dinner and had lots of panini-type things and three panini grills going.

Ryan built the model rocket (USR are little’s initials) and we walked over to the school across the street to shoot it off, which incited a crowd. Of course the rocket didn’t go off the first or second time, but with the YouTube expertise and two Boeing engineers en fete, on the third time the rocket went up up up in the air!

My creation

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Cloud Blankie

Cloud Blankie

I’ve been seeing so many fun cloud and rainy things on Pinterest, and I was inspired to make this blanket for a sweet little boy who is about to be born. We celebrated Ulysses’s third birthday this weekend so I’ll have pics of that up soon.

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Party Forks and Ice Cream Spoons

Eco Spoons

Eco Spoons

Party Forks

I embellished these party forks and spoons that are made out of eco-friendly wood (pressed birch to be exact), and are compostable. I made a few different sets because it was kind of addictive, and put a few sets up for sale in my Etsy shop.

p.s. If you felt like pinning these, I would be appreciative!!

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Stitching a Helicopter

Helicopter shirt

Helicopter shirt

I’ve been slowly paging through the Japanese embroidery books I got myself for my birthday this year. There are a number of the kid-inspired designs I’ve been wanting to try. This one looked simple enough and the right size for a pocket, so on it went. It hardly took any time, so I decided to add a few stitches to the bottom, too. I love it when projects turn out in no time.

We’ve had brief and glorious encounters with the sun here in Seattle. It’s starting to warm up and I’m debating whether I should pull out the summer wardrobe or if that would jinx us with another Junuary (what we call June around here most years). I am busy planning my little’s THIRD birthday party. Wow. I can’t believe he’s so grown up already. He moves into the preschool room at school next month and I’m adding another day at work. Happy sigh. How I love that little guy so.

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Alphabet Scraps

Fabric Letters

I saw these around somewhere and thought they would be perfect for my little who is obsessed with letters and numbers. Ever heard of such a thing! He can count to 100 and knows all the sounds letters make and can read a few simple words. He can spell many words and likes to tell you what letters words begin with. This was all inspired by Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, followed by Chicka Chicka 1-2-3. There are songs that go with the books, too, which was enough to send little over the moon! Anyhow, these are made from scraps I couldn’t part with. I traced a set of scrapbooking letters he’s been playing with and put a layer of batting in between. These are not finished, so they have started to look a little rough, but he still likes them.

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Easter Egg Dyeing Party

Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg Dyeing


Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter Egg Dyeing


I hosted a little toddler egg dyeing party this Saturday. We had so much fun! We had eight kids and their parents here for egg dyeing, an egg hunt, and lunch. The kids are so cute together and play so well; everyone seemed to have a great time. I’ve been saving rain and spring party ideas for a while, so it was fun to put them all to good use. My favorite are the tissue puffs with the rain drops, and the umbrellas as take-homes. I really wished I gotten a pic of the kids with their umbrellas, but I was so busy having a good time I didn’t snap many pictures!

Here are the tag printables and bag printables. And if you still want more ideas, here’s my Easter pinterest board.

I served egg salad and beet salad sandwiches along with homemade pickles, some snacks and PB&J for the kids; and the chocolate egg nests for dessert. This is my tried and true egg salad recipe I dice the onion and red pepper and add it to the mix. And here’s my beet salad recipe (if you like beets, you must try it!):

Beet Salad Sandwich Recipe
serves 4

8 small roasted or marinated beets (I get the prepackaged kind from Trader Joe’s), diced
6 oz crumbled feta
1 T mayo
1 t dijon
1 T diced onion
2T fresh chopped parsley
pepper to taste (the feta makes it plenty salty)

Combine all and serve on toasted bread.

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