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Makeup Brush Case Tutorial

Makeup Case Tutorial
My dearest friend has been putting a bug in my ear for far too long about needing a makeup brush case. She is quite the jetsetter and needed a place to keep her brushes so they wouldn’t get so dirty and mangled. I whipped this one up and took photos as I went so you can try it for yourself if you like.

Makeup Brush Case
Cut the outside fabric 14″ wide by 10″ tall (note: I determined the height of mine by making sure it would fit my tallest brush. If your tallest brush is much shorter, I’d recommend decreasing the height to size of brush plus 1.5″.). I used a cotton for mine.

Also cut one piece of cotton batting (this is to make the case sturdier. You could also use Timtex) and one piece for the inside fabric (cotton or vinyl). You should have three pieces total–one for lining, one for outside, and one for batting.

Makeup Brush Case
Cut the pocket fabric 14″ wide by 6″ tall (note: if you made your height shorter, you’ll want to also decrease the height here.). Cut the button loop fabric 5″ by 1.5″.

Makeup Brush Case
Finish one 14″ edge of the pocket fabric. Finish the button loop.

Makeup Brush Case
Place the batting on the wrong side of the fabric. Quilt the fabric and batting together in whatever pattern suits you. I chose swirls.

Makeup Brush Case
Take the inside fabric and the pocket fabric and place the pocket fabric on top of the inside fabric. Both of the right sides should be facing you. Fold into thirds. Sew vertical lines beginning at the top of the pocket fabric to the end of the fabric at each third interval. Decide how many places you’ll want for thin versus fat brushes. I assumed 1 inch for thin ones and 2 inches for fat brushes, however my friend’s fatest brush did not fit, so you’ll want to test yours.

Makeup Brush Case
Place outside and inside pieces right sides together. Pin the button loop in place. Sew along three sides, starting from the top left to the bottom left (so you don’t sew over what will be the left side of the case). Turn it inside out and press the seams flat with your finger, if you used vinyl, or press with the iron if you used all cotton.

Makeup Brush Case
Fold in the raw edges on your one unfinished side and sew an 1/8″ hem. Fold it into thirds and sew your button in place so it lines up with the button loop. Voila!

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After much searching, I found an organic strawberry u-pick in Monroe, so a friend and I set off with our boys to pick strawberries! We both like to can and I’m planning to make strawberry jam (trying this honey strawberry jam recipe). She’s got a dehydrator and a big freezer, so has a few more plans. The boys had so much fun! Once they realized that they couldn’t eat the strawberries they picked immediately (there was a fair amount of mud that needed to be washed off), they lost interest in picking and instead traipsed in the mud and did general boy playing “at the farm,” as Ulysses kept repeating. I’m planning on putting our haul up tomorrow, so fingers crossed for setting!

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Happy Father’s Day!

photo (1)

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there! Here’s the goodie basket we prepared for our local superdad. Printables for the goodies are here; printables for the card are here; cute interview printable here.

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WIP Popsicle Quilt

Popsicle Quilt

Popsicle Quilt

I have just been loving my Little Bits Quilting Bee book. I finished the geometric one, but haven’t been able to get the right photo of it yet after many attempts. I spent months finding the perfect fabrics to work on the popsicle quilt, as it’s the reason I bought the book. I just adore this quilt and I’m very excited about it. I’m doing the whole enchilada on this one (ie hand quilting). I have all of the squares pieced and am working on getting them sewn together to make the quilt top. I’ve only got a few lines left to go but have hit some sort of quilting wall. Does this happen to you? I’ll work and toil away on something for weeks or months and then poof! It sits in my closet for a while. Maybe we’re taking a breather from each other.

I’ve been spending most of my time gardening. After about a month, I’ve got all my beds cleaned up. I find gardening so rewarding! It’s so lovely to see things come up year after year and watch your efforts multiply and grow each year. My next effort is going to be a Craigslist purge. I’ve got a number of things, mostly furniture, that I need to sell.

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