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Rocket Party

Rocket Party Invite

Rocket Decorations

Rocket Decorations

Rocket Poppers


Rocket Cake

Shooting off the rocket


The boys have been really into rockets lately. There’s a real rocket attached to a building in our neighborhood, the Fremont Rocket, and Uly asks to take that route to his school in the mornings to see it. This was followed by the brilliant idea to watch YouTube videos of people giving tutorials on how to shoot off model rockets. Ulysses can explain the whole thing to you: first, you put in the wadding, then the engine and ignitor, turn the key, say 5-4-3-2-1! (very very loudly), followed by rocket noises (how are boys so innately good at making machinery noises?). Hence, the rocket party.

I worked on the decorations for about a month ahead of time so I was able to get a number of things made. I made: the invites (just cut out construction paper), the stamps used to stamp the napkins and cutlery; those hanging rockets were poppers filled with confetti (tutorial here), 5-4-3-2-1 garland, cake (made with Twizzler pull-aparts and ice cream cone for the base), and fruit rockets and cookies with a rocket cookie cutter. I set up a panini bar for dinner and had lots of panini-type things and three panini grills going.

Ryan built the model rocket (USR are little’s initials) and we walked over to the school across the street to shoot it off, which incited a crowd. Of course the rocket didn’t go off the first or second time, but with the YouTube expertise and two Boeing engineers en fete, on the third time the rocket went up up up in the air!

My creation

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Cloud Blankie

Cloud Blankie

I’ve been seeing so many fun cloud and rainy things on Pinterest, and I was inspired to make this blanket for a sweet little boy who is about to be born. We celebrated Ulysses’s third birthday this weekend so I’ll have pics of that up soon.

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