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I had to pack up the last of the footie pajamas (not to mention all of his size 2 and some size 3 clothes and retire his shoe size) due to a recent growth spurt. Seriously, three weeks ago he was fitting just fine into everything and now he’s bursting out! I started repurposing men’s shirts I found at the thrift store into PJs. I tried to get tops and bottoms out of one shirt, but wound up needing two for this set. I made the legs super slouchy (extra long) because I think it looks cute and hopefully it means he can wear these a while. He loves his mama-made things right now, which makes me smile from ear to ear!

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Daphne’s Kitty

Daphne's Kitty

This is the other kitty I made for Penny’s new little sister, Daphne. I had originally intended to give them matching outfits with one each that was different, but I didn’t quite make it that far, so they have different dresses. I do so enjoy making softies. I’ve had a few requests for the pattern, so maybe I will put one together the next time I make one.

I’ve been trying out a number of new recipes. If you’re looking for something new, try these with me.

Ginger Miso Eggplant (served over quinoa):
Leftover Quinoa Patties:
Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Parfait:
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes:
Farro and Celery Salad:
Crispy Parmesan Baked Zucchini Fries:

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Geometric Quilt WIP

Quilt WIP

I’ve been obsessing over the Little Bits Quilting Bee book since I saw someone post about it a few months back. I bought it shortly after Christmas and have been very busy plotting fabric purchases and staring at my stash to see what I can incorporate into the quilts I have my eye on. I had just the fabric to start in on this quilt and it’s just about done. I decided to do a running stitch to quilt this one–big, wide stitching so it comes together quickly. It won’t take much more time than tying it and it will crinkle better, I think.

I adore the Summer Sundae quilt and I’ve been working away on that one too. She’s got a number of the quilts posted in that link, so you can see what’s in the book. So fun!

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Painted Fireplace

New Curtains

I’ve had some energy lately and what better time to do some freshening up around the house than winter when you’re stuck inside? I painted our stove area white, which really makes a huge difference in how bright our living room looks. It took a gallon–that’s three coats–of paint! Most of which was done with a tiny paintbrush in order to get all of the nooks, crevices, and grout covered. It was fun to do though because it was something I could work on intermittently and finally a house project I can do myself! I wish I had a little more handy in me.

I’d also never got around to making proper curtains for my boy’s room. I had some floral Ikea curtains that I literally pinned up. So now he has official curtains that are lined with a cute bird print and have blackout batting to boot. Very fancy. They hardly took any time, too, and I just love the chevron print.

And hello, Pinterest. I finally got on board (always a late adapter) and now am obsessively pinning things. Even my husband has commented on how much I’ve been on it, and usually he has nothing to say about online habits because he’s so addicted to Twitter, online board games, or some bike blog. I added my link to the sidebar if you’re interested in sharing.

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