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Afghan Cheer

Thrifted Granny Throw

I’ve been having good luck at the thrift store lately. Last time I was there, I spotted this and walked around the store without it for a while. I kept thinking, who needs a hot pink afghan? Apparently I do! I love how cheery it’s making the living room, especially with all these gray skies. I also picked up a few waffle jersey (is that what it’s called?) t-shirts that I’ve been remaking into PJs for Ulysses. So far so good–maybe tutorial worthy.

3 comments February 28th, 2012

Sleepytime Daisies

Embroidered Pillowcases

Embroidered Pillowcases

I found some vintage pillowcase embroidery iron-ons at the thrift store a while back and wanted to give it a go. The paper shred to bits as soon as I picked it up from the iron, which was fine since the transfer had already adhered to the fabric! I started these in July thinking I’d get them done for an August birthday–ha! Six months later, I finally had them done. There are over 100 french knots on these suckers and look at all those daisies! It feels great to keep my hands busy…and my mind, too for that matter. It has a way of racing and taking all sorts of turns and twists, which is very hard when you’re creating daisies and knots and stitch-stitch-stitching.

Speaking of daisies, do you have daisies? We nearly have daffodils, which means the bluebells and hyacinth aren’t far behind. Thank heavens!

5 comments February 23rd, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Surprise Balls

My friend over at Sew Nancy made the cutest little cupcake surprise balls for her daughter’s birthday. Then I saw surprise balls at an adorable shop in town and decided I needed to try my hand at these. Did you ever have one growing up? As you unwrap, little trinkets fall out. As my girlfriend explained, it’s like unwrapping a mummy full of treats. Yep. Exactly. I’m excited to give these to hubby and boy tomorrow. We’re having heart pancakes and surprise balls for breakfast. Happy valentine’s to you!

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