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Makeup Brush Case

Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup Brush Holder

I made this for my mom as a gift a while ago and gave it to her at Christmas. She likes travel cases–who doesn’t? It took a while to make, as I didn’t have a pattern or proper supplies so had to fudge a little. She loved it, which was a relief as the lady has taste and is particular.

I’m done with winter, are you? Can it be over yet? I’m tired of being in layers and layers and needing socks and boots and coats and scarves–so much to remember and put on and take off and then still feel cold all the time. I’m making Ryan suffer through a sauna house today because I need to be warm for a day. That’s okay, right? Ulysses is on a date with his nana and papa who spoil him rotten so we have the morning and the house to ourselves today. It feels like a lot of pressure–expanse of time and what to do? I’m trying out a Smitten Kitchen recipe for sweet potato and chard gratin. We shall see. Hope your Saturday is lovely and warm.

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Kid-sized Rocking Chair

I found this cute little chair at the Sunday market by our house. When it rocks, it triggers a little music box. It was more for me than the kid, I think. Ulysses sits in it occasionally, but mostly I just like it. I’ve had some success at thrift sotres lately, too. Someone with cute taste in boy clothes must have just dropped everything off, because I found a ton of winter clothes in 4 and 5 to save for next year. I also found a few apothecary domes, which I’ve never found before.

And in case January gives you the sewing bug too, here are some tutorials I’ve been eyeing.

Felt hat:


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A Little Kitty for Penny

Kitty Softie

I made this kitty for a friend of ours who turned two a few months back. She loves kitties. It had been a while since I made one of these, so it was fun to revisit the pattern and remember that I used to have so much time I could make loads of these. She had the most adorable birthday party.

Penny's Party

Penny's Party

Penny's Party

Penny's Party

See? Adorable. Her mom puts on the best parties! The kids were all so well behaved and everything was very well thought out, especially the timing: it was a morning party with waffles and chocolate milk and banana bread cake pops. Very fun and super cute.

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School Days Coat

School Days Coat

School Days Coat

School Days Coat

I have a few things to say about this Oliver + S coat. Ulysses has managed to wear his current coat through two winters now and it’s finally getting a bit snug, so I got it in my head to make him a coat. I’m not one for patterns, as I generally find that they tend not to cut corners and I’m not very good at following directions or reading thoroughly or these sorts of things. But alas, I decided a coat may not be the best thing to try to wing and it would be nice for it to appear slightly homemade, not horribly homemade, so I did some searching and it seemed all the clever crafty bloggers out there go for this pattern. It’s a great pattern. Although it’s a freaking TON of work, it’s really well written and easy enough to follow. This was one of those projects that I got a little obsessed over and really wanted. it. done. now sort of thing. So I kind of used up a few of our vacation days in a frenzied crafting haze with fabric on the table, little piles around the house and clippings and threads and scraps everywhere!

It comes out really polished looking and professional BUT a few things: the pattern called for FAR more fabric than I actually needed–almost twice as much!–and I splurged and bought nice fabric and not only could the project have cost almost half of what it did but now I have all this extra wool that is not enough to make another coat out of. I decided to insulate this one, which complicated things further and I wish I would have put some interfacing in the front panels. My other comment is that the shoulders are really too wide. I kept thinking that once I had the lining and hood installed they would be normal, but nope. I think it’s fine and he looks totally cute in it. Success!

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