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A Little Embroidering


This was an embroidery project I finished a bit back. I started out making it for someone and then some part of the way through the project I started to feel a little selfish and had thoughts of keeping it for myself. But the Christmas spirit prevailed and I got myself in sorts, packaged it up and sent it on its way to my dearest sweetest friend who hopefully likes it and most certainly deserves it more than I!

And this is the gingerbread house decorated by two super cute toddler pals. They were beyond adorable making this. I was slightly worried that the project was a little old for them and that they’d be upset using the food to decorate instead of eat, but it worked out just right. I assembled the house a few hours before and set out the decorations in little trays and then put the frosting on right when we all sat down to decorate. They loved it! And they used the candy up first, so after they were done I let them have at the remaining (healthier) treats. We used dried apples, banana chips, pretzels, raisins, peanuts, chocolate rings, and hard candy.

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Card

Christmas Wrapping

Things are getting a little crazy, but we’re doing our best to rise to the challenge! There are so many celebrations and traditions and birthdays around here, we are going to be partied out come January. I wanted to stop in and wish you a Merry Christmas! We’ve got presents under the tree and lots of Christmas music playing. Tonight we’re decorating a gingerbread house (Did you know Ikea sells them?) with one of Uly’s friends and let me tell you I am so excited to finally have a kid so I have an excuse to do these sorts of things, okay, and to share them with him. Wishing you and yours a blessed season.

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Thinking of Warmer Days

Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket

My sister-in-law had a birthday coming up and I really wanted to make a beach blanket for her even though it’s a bit of a sad gift to give in the fall; poor little thing will have to stay packed up until summer, which here in Seattle is a very very very long ways away. But I love our beach blanket so and I thought she might like one, too. I chose all pink fabrics because she’s that kind of girl (yay!). I used the beach blanket pattern, which is posted here for free.

And speaking of summer, we are all decked out for Christmas at our house. We did it right this year, too–a real tree (the very first one I’ve had since moving out of my mom’s house!), over 1,000 lights on the house (thank you hubby), and all sorts of decorations inside. I even picked up a gingerbread house and goodies to make with the little one, got my advent calendar all made and ready (in November no less), have the Christmas cards ready to go, and just two gifts left to buy (okay and a few to make still). Wowza are you impressed. We sat inside with a fire and ginger whoopie pies last night watching the lights and listening to Christmas music. We are serious about Christmas this year, people. Hoping you are getting in the spirit, too.

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