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Another Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

I’ve got a lot of friends reproducing right now. This is for a sweet little boy born about a month ago. I used what I had on-hand again, which is so very satisfying. I would love to use all of my stash up so I can buy more!

The dark cloud of sickness that is life with a toddler is hovering over our house for what I assume will be the next 9 months–cheery, eh? Thankfully, today we all felt pretty healthy and I have been saying my prayers that we can have a healthy week and enjoy the time off we have with each other and family and time to spend relishing in all that we have to be thankful for (let it be health!). I hope you are doing the same with your loved ones, and staying warm and cozy with a big, full belly.

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I kept sending Ulysses to school with plastic bags and saw this backpack and couldn’t resist trying to replicate it. I just eyeballed the pattern based off of her pictures (sorry! I’m not very good at following instructions!) and it turned out really well! I forgot the piping at the side seams, but other than that I think it got pretty close. I bought some of this Japanese train fabric and have been saving it. I managed to get the bag made just as he is starting to get into trains. It was so fun putting some real effort into a project and not half-a%^ing it, like I tried to do in the first place.

Tote Bag
I set out to make a backpack but was convinced a tote bag would be better and made this, which I instantly tore apart after trying it on the little guy one time. Backpacks are much more suitable, let me tell you.

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Uly Chicken
I looked through a ton of costumes and narrowed them down to about half a dozen choices, from which Ulysses selected this chicken costume. He most definitely did not want to be an octopus, let me tell you. We talked about it for a couple of weeks and it’s surprising how many strangers asked him what he would be for Halloween, to which he would respond, “A CHICKEN!” and they would giggle.

Chicken and Fox
So naturally I decided I would be a fox. We were quite the pair. And I still can’t get over how cute he was in that little chicken costume.

Pumpkin Toss
A friend and I worked super hard to pull of a somewhat last-minute Costume Carnival for about 60 people! We had carnival games–the pumpkin toss (thinking about posting a little tutorial for these; they were fun and easy to make), a fish-for-a-spider game, a craft station, a photo booth, and a cake walk. How do I love a cake walk! The dear woman in charge made sure there was a cake for each person that participated, too!

Treat Table
We also had a baked potato dinner, costume contest (with these for trophies), and this treat table for each kid to pack a bag on their way out (bag tutorial here), as if they hadn’t been spoiled enough already. It was a truly lovely evening and I’m hoping we can make it a tradition until our kids are so old it’s lame.

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