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Stripey Shirt

Stripey Shirt

I found the black and gray stripes shirt in a men’s extra large at the thrift store, I sewed it up to Uly’s size, and had the jersey to make the stripes on it already. I saw a similar shirt on Zulily one day and I really liked it but it only came in newborn size and it was expensive. So I improvised. I think I could have done the stripes a bit closer together–that’s where a little form would come in handy, but I really like how it turned out. He outgrew all of his clothes in late-August, so I’m hoping that it will still fit come next June.

Ryan and I are going to Palm Springs this week without the little one. I’m so nervous! He’ll be with his grandparents and of course will have the best time, but I’m so in love with that guy.

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Tutorial Roundup and a Blogiversary (6)

Apple craft tutorial over at Krokotak

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Cute present tutorial over at One Charming Party

Nightie tutorial over at Made by Lex

These are some cute things I’ve been looking at lately. The first two I am thinking of trying with Ulysses. I am a sucker for reusing t-shirts, so I might try this little nightie–although with it being so cold it might be better saved for spring.

I like to mark the years over here and this little blog is now in its 6th year, oh my! I’d really like to try for a new look this year, but we shall see. Thanks to all of you who keep me inspired and pop over here to check in on us.

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Vintage Sweater Collection

More Vintage Sweaters

More Vintage Sweaters

More Vintage Sweaters

Vintage Kid's Clothes

Vintage Kid's Clothes

Vintage Kid's Clothes

Vintage Kid's Clothes

I’ve been finding a number of vintage children’s sweaters thrifting lately. There’s a lot of red, isn’t there? He’s been wearing the first one for a while now and I was happy to see that it still fits and he can get another winter out of it. The little dragon/dino one is a size 6, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to convince him to wear it when he’s that old. A couple of these are girl sweaters that I just couldn’t pass up! Even though we don’t have a little girl. Maybe some day and if not I’ll happily gift them to some surely adorable little one. Ryan tells me I need to stop.

Is it just me, or has the thrift store gotten pricey? A few of these were $5. I saw an Ikea furnishing that I know costs $3 priced at $7 there a few trips back. I guess with popularity comes cost increase, but it does make me pause and wonder about the cost implications for the people that depend on getting a good deal.

We had a lovely weekend. It’s really fall now, isn’t it? The leaves are on the ground and the air has a cool bite to it and the next 5 days of forecast are all gray and rainy. Time to put grass seed out and get to the pumpkin patch. I have a few costume ideas in mind that I need to get started on.

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