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Boxers for the Boy



I feel really hesitant to say that Ulysses is potty trained, but the kid seems to be. We started the deed in June. Man–no one told me how hard it was going to be. It felt really similar to the way I didn’t understand what motherhood would be like until those first few weeks. Phew! I have no idea how many hours upon hours I spent sitting with him on the floor (and still do some days), reading books and singing songs about the potty, telling him how proud everyone would be, and so on. Anyhow. I really hope the kid is trained because I cannot imagine having to do it again.

Back to the his little man boxers. It is really hard to find non-cartoon underwear, but I did find a few pairs of boxer briefs that were plain. They are pretty pricey, so I decided to make some pairs with t-shirts Ryan had stained or was not wearing anymore. I picked up a few yards of elastic and just eyeballed a pattern from the pair I had. These were pretty successful although I cannot seem to make the elastic quite big enough. I think I increase it with each pair and it turns out to be a bit too snug, but still wearable. I also tried some tighties in a fire truck print he picked out from the knits at Jo-Anns but those were a bit more complicated for me for some reason.

We spent a lovely weekend camping with about 10 other families. I was pretty nervous about it, but it turned out to be so fun! We had a lovely party planner in the group who planned most of the meals, had everyone bring a portion of the supplies, and then she cooked as well. There was a beach and the kids got along great and I managed to pack everything we needed to be comfortable. We all lost some sleep, but not too much. A success for certain!

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Free Swatch Day at Spoonflower

Just dropped in to say you can get a free swatch and free shipping at today through some of tomorrow. The site is SUPER slow with all of us tuning in, but gosh I have been drooling over a bunch of fabrics over there for a while. I picked this one.

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More Embroidery Fun

Japanese Embroidery Books

Japanese Embroidery Books

I went a little crazy at the bookstore in the International District a few weeks ago. I was with Ryan and Ulysses so the time to peruse was limited and I made lightening-like decisions, which usually winds up being more expensive than the molasses variety. But hey! I love these. They are so fun and inspiring to look through. The first set with the scientific flower drawings are beautiful. After I got it home, I read through what was in English and found that these were originally drawn and printed by a Japanese artist in the 1940s. I love how classic crafting is. What was really inspiring to me in this book is the base fabric choices. I love that some have little contrast or have lines or even a pattern to them. A few even have little patches sewn on before embroidering. I almost always think of embroidering being done on a clean canvas, of sorts, so this will be something new. I actually have one of these made already and I am debating between framing these for Christmas gifts this year or starting in on an epic quilt. What do you think?

Japanese Embroidery Books

Japanese Embroidery Books

There are so many fun kid-inspired designs in this one. I have my eye on that little lion. I am not quite sure how they made the twisty effect that the outline is in–one of the downsides of these being in a language I do not understand! I plan on making Uly a little pillow for his bed. And a little shirt with those dinosaurs. So cute! The movement in them is perfect for a little shirt. Plus, these look fairly simple to string together. So many of the designs in this book looked perfect for little boys–so hard to find!–I had to get this one.

Japanese Embroidery BooksJapanese Embroidery Books

This is the book I should have probably gone without, but I just loved the more complex animals in here. And the tree. I am not entirely sure what I will do with these–they seem more like something you would want to hang on the wall, I think. Have you seen any good embroidery projects lately?

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At the beach


The sun has finally come out, so we have been at the beach as much as we can. If not the beach, then the park or some other sunny location.

I have been working on a few more embroidery projects, inspired by some new craft books I picked up, which I will share with you soon. I took a little break this weekend when I tried to be epic mama and wife. Ryan had his wisdom teeth removed–all four of them on Friday. I had a great plan, which involved running myself ragged on Thursday getting the house cleaned and dinners prepared for four days so there would not be much housework to be done and I could focus on taking care of the boys. Uly woke up Friday morning with a fever of 104 and very fussy and clingy and the surgery ran over an hour long, which meant I did not get a “nap” break on Friday and made a slew of a mess preparing a variety of foods all of which the child would not eat. Repeat Saturday and Sunday, only Sunday Ulysses would not nap and for whatever reason I find this the most stressful thing I have ever encountered. We were all quite a state last night. I only feel slightly recovered today, but the sun and warmth outside sure help. I think I might lie down for a minute too. What are you up to this summer?

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Finished Embroidery Pillow!

I got really into this embroidery project. It hurt my elbow and my wrist. But it is something I can take with me places and work on very quietly while Uly naps and after he goes to sleep while R and I obsessively re-watch X-files. Yep, that is right. X-files. We are skipping all of the “monster-of-the-week” episodes and just sticking to the plot ones. They are still pretty good. I am going to find a few more embroidery projects to work on since it””s been so peaceful and leaves room for thinking and watching.

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