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Blankie, Rooms, and a Garden Project


I put together this little baby blanket for a little boy that was born a few months ago. I had some of these fabrics left over from something I made for Ulysses–I cannot seem to remember what. It was fun to put together and fun to use up fabric I had on hand. I tied it, which always looks cute.

We spent all of Saturday working in the yard. Ryans family took Uly in the a.m. and my mom took him nap and overnight. We got so much done! Seriously! It would have taken us at least three weeks to pull this off otherwise. Ryan finished the rest of our fence with some help from his brother and our stepdads. Yay! And I cleaned up all the beds and finally attempted to jigger something for where our grates were stolen. We have so much landscaping! Lots and lots and lots of plants. It is a small yard, but the whole thing is covered with lovely green things and flowers. I seem to only need to do this a couple of times a year, so it is manageable. I will get out there and take some pics soon. And since I had gardening on the brain, I thought it might be fun to try this little project to make a thumb-controlled watering can.

And I have been drooling over these kid rooms. Oh my!

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Embroidery for the Birds

Daisychain ABCs

I like to embroider, and quilt, and do needlepointy-type things. There is something really satisfying about doing something stitch by stitch, eventually (and I do mean eventually) finishing. I find quite a bit of satisfaction in the few things I have done like this. This one above, is from Alicia Paulson and is available to purchase for $6 here. I transferred the pattern onto my fabric and started in on the A last night.

Sorry about the image hog that was the bow tie tutorial. I did not realize those were so big and then could not find a minute to fix it until now. Good little images.

We had some major trauma in our downstairs. We have very sensitive pipes and I flushed a wipe down the toilet while potty training Ulysses and what do you know? R came downstairs after my shower to find all the shower water had come up through the toilet. Yum. So, three crews later and our pipe has been saved from the wipe, the carpets have been removed and thrown out, part of the walls and baseboards have been thrown out, and we stayed at my moms house while they sprayed the whole thing with antimicrobial last night. Wow. One wipe, one shower, and presto–bye bye vacation and our cute little downstairs. Uly is camped out in the dining room in the meantime and I was in tears on Monday. We are all feeling better now, but still. I am trying to stay focused on these daisy chains. Small accomplishments, people.

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Little Boy Bow Tie Tutorial

I spent a little time working on this tutorial today. I have already made two bow ties, which took me a bit of time to figure out. I had this one pre-cut and it only took me about 15 minutes to assemble it. Super easy! These would make great gifts. You will need 1/4 yard of fabric–or hopefully just some scraps you have on hand–as well as 4 inches of velcro, a sewing machine and thread, and a hot glue gun.

Step 1: Turn on the glue gun and iron. From your fabric, cut three pieces (note: these measurements are written with the width first and length second): 4 in. x 8 in. (bow part); 2.5 in. x 4.5 in. (to wrap around the bow); 2.5 in. x 16 in. (the neck part). Two 2-inch pieces of velcro.

Step 2: Take the longest and shortest pieces (the neck and bow wrap pieces) to your ironing board. Proceed to make tape with these. First, fold each piece in half width ways, so the fabric length remains the same but the width is halved.

Step 3: Open up each fabric piece you just ironed and fold each raw edge so that it touches the center fold. Iron to hold the fold in place. (This makes it so the fabric does not fray.)

DSC_0272Step 4: Iron along the original crease you made in step 2–now the edges are enclosed in this crease. Also in this step, be sure to turn the edges at the width in so they are enclosed and do not fray as well.

Step 5: Take all three pieces to your sewing machine. Stitch along the very edge of the two pieces you just ironed (along the open edge).

Step 6: Fold the unironed piece, the bow tie, in half width ways with right sides together. Stitch along the edge and turn it right side out.

Step 7: Back at your ironing board, fold the edges in on the bow tie and iron so that the seam is in the middle as pictured.

Step 8: Overlap the two ends of the bow tie to form a circle. The overlap should be less than a half inch. Stitch along this overlap, so that the circle is stitched in place (you have also just sewn up the open edges).

Step 9: Take your 2-inch pieces of velcro and trim them so they are pretty close to the same width as the neck part. On the front, left of the neck part, pin the scratchy side of the velcro in place, and then stitch around all four sides. On the back right side of the neck part, pin the soft side of the velcro in place, and then stich around all four sides.

Step 10: Have your glue gun handy. Fold the bow as shown by pinching the middle of the bow so the edges come forward. Fidget with it until you like it.

Step 11: Fold the bow tie wrap around the bow you are still holding place and the neck part. Be sure to center everything. Turn the whole thing around and secure the bow tie wrap in place with hot glue. Voila!


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