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Spring! Around the Web

I have been sick all week, and so has the little one. Ryan stayed home yesterday afternoon so I was looking around the web and found some super cute things for spring.

panda pants

I love these Panda Pants by the Thompson Family Life.


Carrots by I Make Stuff. These would be great in an Easter basket–especially for little ones who could teeth on them. These surprise carrots would be fun for an audience a bit older.

And I love this idea for a super special gift for a new mama; it””””s got something for both mom and baby, which is always nice. Also at I Make Stuff

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Postage Stamp Quilt

Postage Stamp Fabric Stacks


Quilt Beginnings

I cut out all of these squares almost two years ago. I wanted a fun way to use my scraps that I save, although I have to say this stack is likely all I will need and I still have a ton of scraps. It is funny how they can add up so quickly. I see why so many old quilts were made like this. I was also inspired by this quilt, which was made by my great great grandma Kelly in rural Kansas. It is mostly old feedsacks and some clothing scraps. I wish I could get a good picture of the detailing–the entire thing was pieced and quilted by hand. It is falling apart and has been well loved. We used it as a picnic blanket growing up; it is just the right size for that, a little wider than a twin-size and about as long.

This project is more than a little tedious and I did not realize how precise the cutting of the squares needed to be, since there are so many. A little off balance adds up to quite a lot when one square has about 40 pieces. I”ve had to trim it each time I put a new side on, which is actually working fine. I have four squares done and three more that are in progress. Knowing me and quilts you probably won”t see this again fro another year!

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Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Burgers

I made these black bean burgers last week after reading Angry Chicken””s blog post about them. Wow I had no idea these were so easy to make and they are incredibly tasty and healthy. Ulysses ate two of them! These will be added to our dinner menu repertoire.

I have been trying to update my recipes here, so I am planning on posting more about food. I am not very good at food photography so it is something I am working on. It is quite the specialized talent, which I do not quite have.

I am so bummed about our winter that is dragging dragging dragging. The sun peeks out for about 15 minutes around 5:30 when we have sat down to eat dinner. I always think, Run to the park! And then by the time we have inhaled our food it is raining again. The daffodils have passed, my hyacinth are just about done, and the tulips are starting to bloom. I hope that means the sun will start shining and warm me up in the near near future.

1 1/2 cups cooked black beans (15 oz. can very well drained)
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes (very well drained)
1 cup fresh cilantro
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 green onions
2/3 cup shredded carrots (I used 1/3 cup shredded red pepper and 1/3 cup pureed spinach because that””s what I had on hand)
1 3/4 cup rolled oats

I just put all these ingredients in the food processor and turned it on (Blender works great too!). It helps if you pre-chop the veggies, smash the garlic, and really drain the tomatoes. I used a big dough scoop to make 8 patties, and I pressed them flat on the tray. Bake on parchment paper or a silpat at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, carefully turn them over and bake another 15 minutes. Eat right away or let cool and freeze.

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