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Wee Clothes

Baby Ruffle Pants

Baby Top


I made these little pants and top for a little girl in Denmark who hopefully will arrive here in a few weeks. (Em, look, three posts in one package! ;) I used a pair of pants Uly once wore to go by. I saw a pair of ruffle pants the other day and thought they were super cute and wanted to try them out. I really enjoy making pants; there is something super satisfying for me. Tops, on the other hand, I don”t seem to be so good at. I used a little top a friend let me borrow to make a pattern for this top, but the material was so light (a cotton a friend brought back from India) that I really should have used interfacing and lined it, which I did not realize until I was putting the snaps on. The likelihood of this making it through the wash is slim, but if she grows as fast as Ulysses it will not matter anyhow.

I threw a little jewelry exchange party over the weekend (of course I forgot to take pics). We each brought jewelry we didn”t wear anymore and had a free-for-all. Everyone”s taste seemed to magically align and we all went home with 5 to 10 pieces of “new” jewelry. I had each person put a little tag I made on the jewelry and we set them out so it felt a little like shopping. We took jewelry in rounds, and it all worked out so well I hope we can do it again in a few years when our jewelry stores up again.

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Hair Pins

Hair Pins

Hair Pins

I saw some super cute hair pins made out of felt that I really liked at a cute children”s store. I tried my hand at those and they were not so cute, and instead came up with these. I am so jealous of baby girl accessories–so fun!

We had some glorious sunny days last week, although it has still been pretty chilly. I have not had the inspiration to craft anything too recently. I have had lots of work and some serious playing, too. My dear friend was in town last week and we have been doing some work on our basement. I had no idea how fast the little things about owning a home would add up, especially with a toddler. Life is so good though!

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Grandma Arlene””s Banana Pudding

This is a southern pudding recipe I make that people go nuts over. Thought I””d make the share official!

12 oz box of nilla wafers (I use the minis)
4 extra ripe bananas, sliced
whole milk (per instructions on pudding box; I think it””s 3 c.)
1 large Jell-o vanilla pudding mix
14 oz. sweetened condensed milk
12 oz Cool Whip

Prepare pudding per package instructions. Add condensed milk and fold in cool whip until combined. Gently stir in bananas and wafers so they are evenly distributed. Let sit for at least 6 hours, but overnight is better.

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Whale on the Go


Ulysses has a white beluga stuffed animal and it looked like a pattern I could easily extrapolate, so I gave it a try. I used purple velvet and he may or may not look a little like a shark, but I think he””””s cute. I made two of these, both for little girls.

The weather is slowing and hopefully turning a bit spring-like. I have daffodils in the yard and some hyacinth peeking up. And of course, a bazillion blue bonnets. There are so many and they are so wild and everywhere I was a little chagrined to see them blossom again this year. I tried to thin them out last summer, but apparently they like our yard. I think I”ll just treat them as cutting flowers this year and see how that goes.

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Rocket Mobile

Rocket Mobile

Rocket Mobile

I made this rocket mobile for a friend”s baby room. One of the fabrics she picked out for the room was a rocket print, so I modeled these rockets on the design of the print. This was so much fun to make. There was a bit of trial and error figuring out how to connect the pieces, and of course working with things on such a small scale. She loved it and I hope her little baby boy will as well!

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