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Shower Invite

Shower Invite

These are the little invites I put together for that shower I was talking about. I had so much fun working on these cards. I do enjoy stationery making, and I always forget that until I set out to do it. It””””s been a while since I did a little link love, but this is what I””””ve been thinking about this week.

Cute Recycled T-shirt Dress Tutorial

These easy-lookinginfant sleepsacks and the idea to make and give here.

Fabric Necklace Tutorial

I really need to remember this valentine tutorial for next year. Too cute!

And I need to store these dragon wings for wearing away for when Ulysses is a smidge older. So fun!

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Handmade Hat and Bow Tie

Handmade Hat and Bowtie

Handmade Hat and Bowtie

Aren”t these darling? My friend”ssister, Kate, makes these and Sarah gave us the hat and bow tie set for Christmas. Kate is a super talented seamstress and makes lots of cute things for her kids. She has an Etsy shop, Kissed by Kate where she sells these.

Uly loves his hat. Have you ever read the book, The Berenstain Bears Old Hat, New Hat? Brother Bear decides he”s going to get a new hat. He goes into the hat store and tries on 50 or so new hats, and then decides his old hat was the way to go. Ulysses thinks this book is hilarious and promptly named this hat, New Hat. This isOld Hat. He loves to wear hats and will usually request either Old or New Hat on our way out of the house–sometimes he asks to wear both.

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Felted Soaps

Felted Soap Party Favors

Felted Soaps

Felted Soap

I wanted to make some special favors for a baby shower I was co-hosting and decided on felting soap. I”d wanted to try it for a while and I”ve been pretty into felting. It was a fun project and somewhat meditative. I purchased all the soap–I”ve never been a star at making soap. These are super simple to make, they just take some time. There are some pretty good tutorials out there if you”re interested. I couldn”t find the one I used, but the basics are to wrap the soap with raw wool to cover the soap pretty well. Do this again with the grain of the wool going the opposite direction as the first wrap. There should be a good cushion around the soap and you should not see any soap. Dip the wool/soap combo in as hot of water as you can stand so it”s completely wet. Start patting it gently to get suds, intensifying your scrubbing of the soap as it starts to stay in place better. Continue for 10-15 minutes until it looks felted, dipping again in hot water as needed. These would be a great project to do with grade school kids. You can even put the soap down after starting and come back to it later to finish, if they get bored.

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Uly”s Playroom

Uly''s Playroom

Uly''s Playroom

Finally I was able to snap a picture! There were several confounding issues with getting this shot: a) waiting for the sun or some daylight b) ability to be down there with enough time to clean up the chalkboard without Ulysses participating c) remembering to take the shot when these two things happen. Apparently, these stars only align once every two months.

I wallpapered the room with vintage maps I found at a thrift store. The black wall is chalkboard paint and Ulysses loves his chalkboard. He has so much fun in this room, and because it”s downstairs, he can only get to it when he asks so it”s become a bit of a special treat to be there. This is perfect for the winter days that we don”t get outside to play. All this to say, I love it! This room is so much better as a little space to play than a storage room for random items!

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