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Baby Blanket for Flannery

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

This is a little blanket I made for a new little girl. They weren”t sure what they were having when I started it and I had alternates picked out for the pink. But she was finally announced so I cut out the circle parts and stitched this together. I”ve decided baby blankets work better without batting; they just get too thick.

The playroom has seen some major progress, but it”s not quite picture-worthy yet. I”ve been looking through all my inspiration photos I”ve saved on Flickr and am using chalkboard paint and some thrifted maps. I happened to go into the thrift store on Black Friday to find that everything was half off! There was hardly anyone in there, too. We had a lovely Thanksgiving–mostly staying at home playing with my boys and trying to entertain them since we were mostly stuck inside from the snow. We”ve already got our Christmas lights and tree up. Uly was so delighted when he woke up and saw all the lighted things–too cute!

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Pine Cone Arrangements

Pinecone arrangements

Pinecone arrangements

Pinecone arrangements

It”s so great to have a back yard. We have two massive pine trees to the east of our house, both of which produce pine cones. One makes these cute little buttons and the other makes a much larger cone that looks much different. Uly prefers these. He likes to collect them and then makes different arrangements with them. It was so cute I had to take pictures of his craftiness.

It”s been snowing for a while here, but it”s not sticking. Uly has been taking great naps because he”s teething… again! These are his two-year molars, or so the doc says, so once these are in he”s supposed to be done until he”s 6, I believe. We”re off to Ikea to get the goods for Uly”s little playroom I”m putting together for his Christmas present, although he”ll be getting it a couple of weeks early mostly because I can”t wait to have it set up!

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Holiday Downloads


The Christmas items are out at all the shops we”ve been to this week. This time of year always goes so fast. I”ve been trying to get my head around all of the gift-giving that needs to be done, but I”m getting a slow start. There are still leaves to rake and Thanksgiving dinner to be had, which is going to be quite the affair this year. We”ve got three dinners on our calendar–we”re going to be fattened calves come Dec. 1. In the meantime, I spied these super cute downloads.

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Spooky Fun

Uly Costume
This is Uly”s costume that I made for him. His nana got this hat for him on our trip to Leavenworth this summer and I couldn”t resist making him some lederhosen to match. He loves this hat, probably because any time he wears it everyone stops to tell him how cute he is–who can resist? I searched all over for a pattern and could find none. What I did find are these exquisite baby lederhosen that I used to mock up the pair I made, although obviously the real deal are far superior!

I found this butternut squash pizza in an issue of Martha–I think it was this October issue. It called for hazelnut pizza dough and no cheese. Mine was made with regular dough and coastal cheddar. It was surprisingly good and easy, although I had so much squash leftover, we are all done with squash for a while.

My friend over at Come and See the Seitz and I put this party together and she made these creepy ladies fingers. Aren”t they frightful! Ditto to the shrunken heads below.



I had some fun with bats and black paper–can you tell? This is really quite easy and pretty dramatic. Plus, I was able to take them down without damage and they”re now stored with the rest of our Halloween decorations.

I couldn””””t resist making these witch”s broom party bags, also again a Martha project, although surprisingly easy for her.

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