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At the Market


That”s where we”ve been–the market, around town, in the sun (as often as we can find it), playing. Seattle has so many great farmer”s markets. My favorite is where I took this shot: in Columbia City. It”s starting to get a little more run-of-the-mill, but it has a number of stands that are unique to this market–some good pasta and soup–and it has the most produce of any of them. You can find just about all you need for your week”s worth of groceries.


My new second favorite is the farmer”s market at the sculpture park. I know, I didn”t know there was one there either! Apparently it just started this summer. To boot, they have the sculpture, a view of the water, and a live jazz concert on the steps next to Taste who serves snacks and wine by the glass and also generously provides toys for the youngsters. You can see why it”s my new favorite!

I have been working on a Quiet Time book for Uly, which I almost have done. That is one whopper of a project. I”m at least 40 hours into it.

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Lion Cape by ZidZidKids

Giraffe Cape by ZidZidKids

I was on Zulily this morning and found these adorable capes. I let out a little “Yelp!” while I was in my too-cool-for-you, modern, open office and everyone turned to look, so I was caught and had to explain that these capes were so cute I couldn””t keep quiet! I was inspired and started a hunt around Flickr for some masks to match, and found the examples below. These are so cute. It would be fun to print out a mask template and let your child decorate the mask themselves. I””m looking forward to Uly being old enough to enjoy something like this!

Lion mask example
Giraffe mask example

Giraffe mask pattern
Lion mask pattern

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Uly T-shirt

Uly Tshirt

This is a little t-shirt I whipped up for Ulysses. I actually made three of them and he looks super cute in them. I was inspired by someone I found on Flickr randomly, Janssen Designs. I love how recycled/vintage/unique they are. Each one is a personality of its own. I used Japanese fabrics on the sleeves, but the t-shirts are indeed recycled, mostly from Value Village but I got approval from Ryan to cut up some of his, so new ones are on the horizon. I”ll take pics of the others one of these days.

My sweet mom hosted a lovely birthday party for me last week that was one of the best times I”ve had for a while, and then my sweet hubby took me and the babe to Leavenworth for a long weekend. My mom so very kindly offered to come with us for part of the time to watch the babe, so we floated down the the river in the hot summer sun (with the icicle river –literally, that”s its name!) to keep us the perfect temperature and had a lovely dinner outside following. We didn”t have one decent meal out in that town. Someone needs to get Zagat up in that joint to do a tastebud check. But, really, it was a wonderful birthday. And, I got a serger! I just got it set up tonight and am feeling pretty pleased with myself about threading it. I am hoping to use it on more Uly shirts.

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