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Vera Curtain

Vera Tea Towel Curtain

After much deliberation, this is what I decided to do with the lovely Vera tea towels that were given to me by a dear friend. Aren”t they wonderful? Her mom had collected them and she just gave them to me out of the blue one day. I”ve held onto them for about a year–pulling them out for a couple of hosting events, but I really wanted them to be more of a fixture. That said, I was having too difficult of a time imagining cutting them up. The design would be lost! I don”t know what I”d do with the scraps. I know, you”re thinking, “This girl is crazy with these silly self-imposed dilemmas.” I did finally arrive at a solution, which is this curtain. I zigzagged stitched the pieces flat together, so it”s finished on both side of the curtain and made it so that none of the tea towels were obscured. I”m so happy with how it”s turned out and it”s so lovely to walk by this every day in our new home.

And, I didn”t want to leave this whole discussion on a crazy note, so here are some lovely and fun tutorials that I wish I had the time and inclination to try–some day!

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Uly Pants

Uly Pants

Uly Pants

Some new pants and shorts I whipped up for Ulysses. I had no idea how simple it can be to make clothes for the little one and I”ve been a little hooked lately. Aren”t those shorts too much? The fabric is vintage and was very generously given to me by Mrs. Seitz. There wasn”t quite enough to even make these shorts, so I had to sew a little band around the top to make the waistband. But he looks adorable in them. So far my ventures in using Ulysses as a model have been less than fantastic. We will try again later though.

We had glorious summer weather last week, finally, what with it being mid-July. Ulysses and I gallivanted around town enjoying ourselves like it was 1999. We went to the sprinkler park three times, took walks to the water, ate al fresco–and it”s a good thing too since it drizzled all morning and temperatures hit a ripe 67.

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