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Crosses and Hand Sewing

Uly Quilt

Uly Quilt

Uly Quilt

Uly Quilt

I finally finished the quilt for Ulysses that I started when I was pregnant–so it has been about a year and a half. It fits a twin-sized bed so he is not not using it yet. I hope he has not formed opinions about bed dressings by the time he can. It is made from an extra sheet I bought for his bed, and other random prints I found in the same colorway. I am so happy with how it turned out. I hand quilted the whole thing, which I hope makes it special for him. I went a little crazy and made it reversible–I like the cross side better and Ryan likes the back.

It has been such a joy to make this for him. I love the idea that quilting, unlike anything else I do, has the chance of outlasting me and being snuggled around generations of my children and grandchildren; it is so romantic. I like to think about their uses–picnics, beach outings, warmth at night, forts in the living room, something treasured kept in a cedar chest and pulled out for company.

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New House

New House

New House

New House

New House

New House

I finally got some pics of our new house. We are really enjoying our new space. It””””s hard not to feel a little remorse about certain aspects and not to ruminate on lost houses, but we really are happy here. I feel somewhat apprehensive about our small space and the stairs, with our growing boy, but I think we can continue to make it work. My favorite things about this house are the gorgeous pine floors, my sweet little outdoor space, and all of the light (not to mention I didn””””t have to paint!). Despite this house not having one closet (no, not one), we have managed to store everything. I was particularly nervous about this “quality” of our home. The only thing I didn””””t manage to get a picture of is Uly””””s room, because he was napping while I took most of these and because it””””s not quite all the way finished. If you want to see more, check out my Flickr set.

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Iron Ons

Iron Ons

I bought these adorable Sukie iron-ons from Urban Outfitters. I just adore the designs. I”ve tried using them on a number of different fabrics now–jersey, a tea towel, a high thread count cotton and each time they just show up blurry and faint, like on the fabric pictured here. I followed the directions to the letter, and am so disappointed with the outcome. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong, or are these just lame? I tried leaving the iron on the design for twice as long as what was recommended; not sure what else to do but put these in the trash!

We”re headed to the beach this weekend for a little family time. I can”t wait! The weather is supposed to be 60 and cloudy, but it will be fun to be on the water and hanging out. Gotta love Seattle summers.

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Softie Mosaic

I was feeling reminiscent this morning and looked back through the June archives on my blog. It””s so interesting to have a catalog of selected life events to look through. It””s so fun to be reminded of fun times and friends and projects, and interesting to look back and see the selection of things I talk about in this space. It””s a good reminder of all of the wonderful things I have in my life, and many more things to look forward to as well. Tomorrow is my eighth wedding anniversary. Eight years! We were such babies then and now we have one of our own. :)

I””ve been thinking about making another softie–it””s in my mental running lists of things I””d like to do. (Which, by the way, my brain seemed to have melted a bit over the past year. I seem to be losing quite a few important bits of data these days. How does this happen? And, can I blame it on my baby?) So, I thought I””d do a little round up of softies of yore–because that””s what I””m doing today: thinking of yore.

I love you, husband.

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Super Cute

Savvy Stitch House Pillow
Pillow House by Savvy Stitch

Elsie Marley Mini Quilts
Roadside Mini Quilts by Elsie Marley

Red Mags Linen Baby Pants
Tea Towel Pants by Red Mag

These are a few things I found around the blogosphere that I can”t get out of my head. I really want to try my hand at those tea towel pants. I have some really cute vintage linens that I”ve been trying to come up with ideas to put them to use.

I am so very close to finally finishing Ulysses”s baby quilt–that has turned into a twin-sized quilt since babies aren”t supposed to sleep with blankets. I finished all of the hand quilting over the weekend and got the top of the binding stitched on and started on the hand stitching. It”s 1.5 years in the making. I was hoping to have it finished for his birth, so there. I”m only a little late.

We had lousy Memorial Day weather, which really bummed me out but we managed to spend our days away seeing friends and family and popping around town.

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