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The Desert

Pheonix Resort

Purple cactus

Pane Bianco

I spent my first weekend away from the boys and visited my high school friends that I hadn”t seen in 7 years to celebrate a graduation and a 30th birthday! The five of us that spent our Saturday nights at Village Inn writing poetry and making a mess, way too much time on our makeup, countless hours laughing together (and let”s not forget the cat fights)–we met up for our own mini reunion and girls trip.

I love the desert, at least for a snapshot in time; I couldn”t see myself living there. I love the vast expanses, the intensity of the heat and vegetation, the sort of hollow sounds everything seems to make–crunching rocks, birds pecking. It was a great weekend. We enjoyed the sun, had a lovely brunch at a fancy resort, did some shopping, got pedicures, and my girlfriend redyed my hair just like old times! Solo plane rides will never be the same for me, after carting a baby around on one. I was so relieved to not have to put on my circus hat and entertain a wee one for three hours, and instead pick up a good book and the snacks I brought and bunker down for a few hours–really a rare treat for a mama!

Many thanks to my dear husband who watched Uly all weekend so I could partake in the fun. You”re the best, babe.

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For a Baby Boy

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

I fell in love with this line of fabric–especially the guitars. I love the colors and I like to have black in the mix, too. Black baby things are hard to find, which surprises me since people wear so much black these days. Who wants to be surrounded in pastels all the time? I had a few of the complementary fabrics on hand, and I whipped this up just by placing fabric squares together and mixing and matching until I liked the final combo. A girlfriend of mine always makes the backs of her quilts unique, so I copied her and gave the back a splash of animals.

In other news, we””””ve officially moved into our new house! I””””m so excited. We finally have some extra space–for things and for entertaining. We””””re all feeling pretty settled and the cat seems happier than she has been in ages. Our new house has tons of light and some creepy areas for her to explore. We have a backyard, which Uly is thrilled about. Whenever he takes your hands to walk around the house, he leads you directly to the back door and points and looks at you–very subtle. I will have pics to show you soon.

And, my sweet baby boy is one year today. I had a pic of him eating his birthday cake picked out to upload, but the camera ran out of juice and the battery is packed up some place. I can””t believe it””s been a whole year already. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have been able to spend a whole year with such a sweet little creature–to watch him grow and learn and develop; it””s such a wondrous and beautiful adventure.

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