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pencil case
Leocardia on Etsy

Rie Elise Larsen

These are a couple of cute things I saw in various places online. I love that little crocodile pencil case. I need to remember this for when Ulysses is headed to school. What little boy wouldn”t love it? And I”m really taken with that wreath/mobile thing. Isn”t it gorgeous? I”m going to keep posting the wreaths I find around, since apparently it”s my new obsession. It sort of looks like a metal frame, but perhaps it”s paper.

It is busy busy around our house. I feel like I don”t have time to even breath, but it”s all good and fun things. Moving, baby showers, birthday parties, friends in town (and then there”s the taxes and some other not so fun stuff).

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Baby Dresses


Baby Dress

These are two little dresses I made for the many friends in my life with little ones on the way. I based it off of a dress I bought at Target that had little bloomers with it–oh so cute. They were fun little projects and fairly easy to make–minus the ruffle on that first one! I had a hard time gathering four layers of quilting cotton fabric, since I wanted the inside to be finished. I used some vintage trim on the second one, which I think is a bit more modern-looking and equally cute. I would like to try making the bloomers, but I didn””t have any jersey or elastic on hand. I””ll have to pick some up so I””m ready to roll next time.

It looks like we finally have our house! I””m so excited. We””ll be moving from Capitol Hill to Fremont, which will hopefully be a fun change for us. I will really miss our neighbors and being a block from Trader Joe””s, but I””m really looking forward to a new neighborhood and a house we can call our own, and most importantly, my very own yard with a garden spot! I have no idea how I””m going to get us moved, but we””ve got deadlines so I””m sure it will happen.

Hope you are well.

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