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quilt-to-be for the mom-to-be

I hosted a little baby shower at our house last weekend. My co-host planned a lovely little project for us to work on for the mom-to-be at the shower. We embroidered quilt squares for her little girl”s quilt. Lynnette cut out butterfly wings and body parts for us to hand applique on to the gorgeous fabric. It looked so chic, you could have charged hundreds of dollars for the finished piece (we sent the mom home with the squares–she”s a sewer herself). It was so relaxing, sitting in a baby-free house (that”s not counting the 7 in vitro babies in attendance), chatting, grazing, and hand sewing butterflies. I rather enjoyed myself.

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vintage pull toy

Ulysses and I have been making trips to the thrift store. I”ve been trying to get us out of the house as much as possible lately. I hear that shopping becomes all but impossible with babies a bit older than him, so I”m trying to get my fill!

There are several thrift stores I like, but we mostly go to the big Goodwill on Dearborn. It”s pretty close to our house, always has parking, and there are no stairs inside so I can mange it with the stroller. I”ve been bringing home mostly child-related items, like these vintage books and sweet bee pull toy. How cute is that? It was buried under the rubble of some pretty gross toys and looked like it had been deserted for a while. I felt badly for the poor little bee.

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My Own Take



Well, what do you know? Blogging inspired me to actually make something! (Being sarcastic here. Blogging is what has always inspired me to make things.) I sat down while the baby was happy and crawling around with his toys and the hubby was watching the epic winter olympics hockey game to cut some paper flowers. It was so satisfying to cut little shapes and patterns. The project took me about an hour and a half, which is perfect for a busy mom. I think I have pinpointed the reason (well, one of many) of my recent crafty hiatus: it”s just too messy.

Our house is about 900 square feet with three people and a cat. Our house is an already full kitchen (my penchant for collecting vintage dishes and pyrex, plus necessities), modern-ish living room (that is supposed to be somewhat void of things), second bathroom (the shower is full of now out-of-use baby items. there”s a stroller, baby bath, bumbo, bassinet, you get the picture), our bedroom (that now has to house both of our wardrobes and all our books), and the baby”s room (with all of his things–two strollers! hanging laundry!–and a closet that keeps all my craft supplies). Oh my, I feel cluttered just talking about all of this. And really, I feel like we do a pretty decent job of keeping a tight ship. I purge regularly, but with a small space, it”s easy to fill full. And a couple of items in use, even something like a box of matches, girl scout cookies, and a candle on the table (the current state) make our living room feel messy. Imagine the living room with a craft project! So, yes, this and no time have really put a damper on crafting around here.

Which has me really pondering this whole buying a new home thing. I want in-city and I want a craft space–two things that do not seem to coincide with our budget. I have seen some really great examples of people turning some very small spaces into some really efficient living. And, when they are all nice and tidy and not in use, I think, “I can do that!” But what happens on projects that are in-progress? I”m still figuring this out. So in the meantime, quilting and paper flowers are just my cup of tea.

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