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I”ve been collecting images of wreaths for a while now–not that I”ve made any mind you. But don”t you love these? I like the idea of having a wreath for every season–something festive to adorn your door. I”ve got a great one for Halloween and then there”s my ornament wreath. Posie Gets Cozy made a gorgeous winter wreath a few years ago that I couldn”t seem to find in my search. Does anyone remember that? It was inspired by that French Marie Claire crafts magazine…

We”ve had lovely February weather here in Seattle. It”s drizzly and rainy today, but it”s hard to mind after being fortunate to spend the majority of the day outside with my little one sans coat yesterday. We took a long walk with baby in the front pack and then went out again in the stroller to the park to swing. Uly”s emotions are really starting to set in. He”ll be gloriously happy one minute and then fades to instant tears the next–those emotions are just mere steps from each other I suppose.

We had to walk away from the house we almost bought in Ravenna. It was a sad day, but the inspection was horrible! You should have seen the electronic report. It was 17 pages long and I think would have scared anyone away. Such a cute house, though. We were so scarred from the process that we”ve decided to mostly pursue new construction. Is that silly? After envisioning our weekends full of painting fascia, rebuilding porches, trimming blackberry bushes, we have a major case of cold feet. There are aspects of apartment living that I really do enjoy, after all.

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What Happens in Nine-Month Intervals

Ulysses turned nine-months-old yesterday. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, and then again sometimes it seems like a decade has passed. Here’s baby in a diaper box we were playing with a few weeks ago.

Baby in a Box

He’s been sick this week and very in need of his mama, a rare thing really. He’s an independent little man for the most part. He’s very curious and makes his way around the house examining things, touching them repeatedly with his little pointer finger. He’s drawn to tiny specks of lint on the carpet, freckles on my arm–that sort of thing. He especially loves to watch people. He’ll transform from completely unmanageable with me alone at our house to the happiest kid on the block when put in a room with other babies and people. (Not unlike his papa.) We have so much fun and I cherish every breath we have together–at the same time wondering how I can cope with all of the demands on my time. I haven’t sat at my sewing machine in ages, although I do pick up the baby’s quilt to hand sew every once in a while. I’ve gone back to work and we’re house hunting, which has claimed any free seconds I might have. But I’m rolling with this flow (there’s no ebb around these parts) for a season or two.

Ray Family

Chara Michele over at Sew Click Create was generous enough to shoot our family for free to use as part of her portfolio back in the early fall; Uly is about four months here. Yes, I’m just now getting around to posting! She did the most fabulous work and we were hard-pressed to pick out a handful of the images to frame and give to friends and family. She’s local to Seattle and I highly recommend her services–everyone needs professional pictures! Head over to her blog and professional site to see her work.

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Hedgehog for Uly

Hedgehog for Uly

Hedgehog for Uly

This was the Christmas present I made for Ulysses. He doesn’t seem nearly as in to him as I am! I based him off of a Delingos softie I bought at a fancy toy store for a gift for another baby this Christmas. I couldn’t help but try my hand at it. I used leftover fabric from Uly’s quilt for the back and nose, and minky for the main body.

Things have been incredibly busy for me. I started back to work in December and haven’t had more than a moment to myself, which of course I’ve spent cleaning or doing some sort of task I can’t get to otherwise–certainly not sewing. I’m afraid I’ll likely remain a little quiet in this space until my life takes a sweeter pace again. We’re looking to buy a house and have had a few let downs already. Maybe once we get into our new space my machine won’t be in the baby’s room, conveniently making it impossible to craft when the baby is asleep!

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