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Farm Quilt




This is the quilt I’ve been working on since January of 2008, according to this post and this one. It was inspired by the Gee’s Bend quilts that I love. Quite a few of those quilts are based on the bricklayer pattern. I thought that particular pattern would be a lovely one to begin a marriage cuddled underneath–the idea of a foundation increased piece by piece and an interlacing of daily life. I used the Katie Jump Rope fabrics mostly because I couldn’t stop looking at them and they reminded me of the recipient this quilt was made for. I intended to use a lot of the cream fabric so that the colors and pattern would really stand out, and it would be a mix of a country-ish fabric with a more modern design (like the couple).

I finished piecing it in January of this year and then started in on the hand quilting, yes, the hand quilting (while pregnant and then with a newborn and a deadline). I always kick myself after I start in on the hand quilting because I over-do it. I decided to quilt each brick of each square and then do an intricate wedding band-ish pattern on the lazy-girl strips that run the length of it. Man, those took forever. But I wanted to instill this quilt with my love for them and create an heirloom that they can pass down and share with their generations. I hope it provides them warmth and comfort, too.

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Aja + Ben

Aja Ben

My dear dear friend finally got hitched last weekend! They are the most adorable couple and spared no detail in their glorious, unique wedding. They got married at a quaint farm in rural Connecticut and had their ceremony inside a hay bale circle outside by the rooster coup (the man loves roosters…). The ceremony was followed by a big celebration at the barn, where it was decorated with chandeliers and fine china. They had a lovely meal, cocktails and wine, and lots of dancing (and cotton candy and a pinata, too!).

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Blogiversary No. 4


These are some bibs I whipped up for the baby, who seems to have been teething for the past month but still no teeth. It’s quilting cotton on the front and fleece on the back for absorption. I made the pattern from some bibs I bought and they are working out nicely. I’ll be making a few more, since we go through several drool-drenched bibs per day!

Yesterday marked the fourth year I’ve been blogging. I can’t believe it has been that long. It’s amazing to reflect on the changes this blog has seen, as well my life. I’ve moved, have far less crafting time, had a baby, and also refined my craft and now know what crafts I find satisfaction in (quilts and same-day projects, here I come!). I’ve met so many wonderful people in the blogosphere and have been so enriched by your creativity, warmth, and sharing. Thanks for coming and thanks for having me!

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