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Ina’s Orange Marmalade


I made Ina’s orange marmalade recipe, which is really inexpensive and super easy. It uses 4 oranges, 2 lemons, water and sugar. That’s it. It’s a bit of a process, but something you can work on and leave. I really enjoyed making it. There was a minute at the end where I thought I had overcooked it, as my clear sugary goodness started to caramelize and get icky brown spots in it, but it turned out great and very tasty. I have had no luck with jams or preserves before, and this one worked great. It’s a great way to use up fruit and makes nice gifts to boot!

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Free Beach Blanket Pattern

Beach Blanket

Dacia's Beach Blanket Pattern

I’ve posted the pattern for the beach blanket, just click on the image above for the sizing. It doesn’t provide specific, step-by-step instructions–you will need some experience in making quilts to figure it out. I use muslin on the back of mine, because it’s inexpensive and holds up pretty well on dirty ground. Plus, I don’t care if it gets gross, since it’s not a pretty fabric. I attached a tie to mine at the lower, right-hand side so that I can wrap it around the blanket once it’s folded to keep it compact. One thing I wished I would have done to my blanket is added a pocket, which is the red outline at the bottom. The 16″ by 16″ measurement is the unfinished size–you’ll want to finish the edges on all sides before attaching it. It should be about 13″ by 13″. This quilt is finished by tying embroidery floss at about 5″ intervals. I used six different fabrics in mine, which I think provides a nice balance. You’ll want about 5 yards of 45″-wide fabric total for the top side and 2.5 yards of 55″-wide muslin for the back (these measurements do not include fabric for binding. I suggest you buy it for an easier project. You’ll need 8 yards of quilt binding.) Let me know how the pattern works out for you, if you try it.

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In the Making

Baby Announcement

This is the baby announcement I made and finally got sent out. I love this picture of Uly, he looks so sweet, serene, and smart. It’s not always like that, let me tell you!

We had a lovely Fourth of July. We spent it at the most perfect spot with friends and good food. We were worried about the noise level with the fireworks being so close to the spot, so we left early and watched a few different displays from Lake Washington. It was the most perfect of days, something that almost never happens in Seattle. The weather was warm, the sun was out, and there was a soft, cool breeze. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

I hope your Independence celebration was sweet, too.

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