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Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

These are the fabrics and pattern I’m using for Uly’s baby quilt. I’m making it full-size for the crib, so he can use it when he’s sleeping in the toddler bed. I had no idea how hard it is to cut pieces at random and to look wonky! It proved more difficult than I thought, as each one has to be cut separately and with concentration to make it look unique. I think I’ll love how it will turn out, as soon as I have some time to work on it again. I decided I’d make a reversible quilt, so I’m doing a pattern like my beach blanket on the back. I want the fabrics to really show themselves. I just love the combination I wound up with. It was a bit random in its making, but I’m happy with it.

I’m so excited for this weekend. The 4th is one of my favorite days of the year and it’s supposed to be sunny and warm. We’re headed to a friend’s house on a lake with good food, friends and fireworks. I hope you’ve got something special planned, too!

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Paper Art

Whale Art

Turtle Art

Ryan got the whale for me and the turtle for Ulysses as a celebration of his birth. I just love them. We saw them hanging at a restaurant the night before the babe was born and he arranged to have them dropped off shortly after we got home from the hospital. The turtle hangs in Uly’s room and the whale is in the living room, although I feel like I need to find a better home for him than his spot on the wall now.

I’ve been very busy taking care of this babe and have not had much time to work on projects; frankly, I was expecting to have more. He slept so much for the first few weeks, but we had company over during that time. Now that it’s just me and him, he’s wide awake, being fussy, or staying up most of the night–or all of these. I did manage to make a nursing cover, which was the simplest project ever. I took a yard of fabric, ironed and hemmed the edges, and added a tie to go around my neck. I looked into purchasing one, but they were all around $30 and I couldn’t bring myself to pay for something that would use up my stash and take me 15 minutes to make–although it was days in the making trying to find those minutes.

We’ve had glorious weather and the boy does like our outings, so we’ve been out and around the town enjoying the weather. I hope it keeps up!

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Baby Room

Baby Room

Baby Room

Baby Room

This is how the babe’s room turned out. I bought a few prints on Etsy for the collage wall, but most of them I had. To make them look a little more cohesive, I reframed them all in wooden frames I got from Goodwill and painted eggshell. The crib and dresser/changer are the Amy Coen line from Babies R Us (ick, hate that place, but the furniture is cute and well made), the rocker is the Nuseryworks Sleepytime Rocker from Modern Nursery (yes, I purchased furniture online, which I was super nervous about. But, I love the rocker. FYI: I got the velvet in lilac. It’s not lilac at all; it’s very gray. And, it’s not really velvet. So far it’s had spitup and pee on it and all has washed right out.). The decals are from here. The most gorgeous quilt ever that you’re seeing was handmade by my very good friend. Everything she does has the best colors and patterns, is perfectly constructed, and super creative–not fair (okay, fair, when I’m the recipient of her work).

The room is functioning very well and Ulysses seems to be happy with it, granted he can only see 18 inches in front of his face.

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Dinner and Tulips



I had planned on having two weeks off of work before the baby came, so I could get his room done and have a chance to nest. I wound up having one week before Uly made his debut. There was much Food Network to be had that week, and this was the one dinner I managed to pump out–the soup was an Ina recipe (Provencal Vegetable Soup) and the popovers from Giada (Parmesan Popovers–I used coastal cheddar instead of parmesan).

I also made a trip to Pike Place Market. I just love it when the tulips are in season. It’s so lovely. We didn’t have a chance to get to the tulip fields, but this is a close second.

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