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Ape Onesie on Uly

Handmade Mushroom Onesie

Handmade Onesies

These are some onesies I made for the babe before he was born. He only fits in the ape onesie right now. It’s a stencil from a book that I can’t remember the name of (this is a very frequent occurrence these days). The red star is from the same book. The mushroom is a little applique and the one on the far right is a combination of an applique and pretty ribbon with little lambs on it.

Life with a newborn is so wonderful and so tiring. I can’t believe how little sleep I’ve had in the past three weeks. For someone who could spend an entire day in bed and be happy, I think I’m holding up pretty well.

We’ve been so well taken care of over the past month–friends, family, and neighbors bringing food, sweets, home remedies, and good company; the weather has been fantastic and sunny (nothing like sun and nights that are only dark for 6 hours to keep the doldrums away). I couldn’t ask for anything more. Life is good!

I’m planning on being back in the blogosphere after the longest break I’ve taken from this space ever. I missed you!

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Baby Love

Our sweet little one was born on mother’s day at 4:35 am. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces and is 18 inches long. Labor lasted about 23 hours. Mom, dad, and baby are all pictures of health and cuteness. I’m likely to be offline for a bit while this new life settles in.

Announcing Ulysses Salinger Ray!





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