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1. Oui Plate by Nina Invorm
2. Mushroom Print by Groundwork
3. Cutest Bunny Desktop Download at Kindred
4. Typography by Skinny Ships (Richard Perez) Design
5. Lion Softie by Astula Bee
6. Key cards at Art Garage
7. Forest Quilt by Disdressed
8. Scultpures by Katie Runnels
9. Cherub Tree print by Wool and Water

These are some delicious things I’ve been eyeing around the web. I finally bought the mushroom print, after looking at it twenty times and deciding not to. I really love it and it will be so cute in the baby room–there are mushroom decals in the woodland forest set I bought. We’ve had such lovely weather, with sun abounding. I am really really hoping this spring and summer are much much more lovely than the past two years. I’ve had serious funks because of how drool the weather has been. Please sun, please!

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M is for Monkey

Monkey Softie

Monkey Softie

Monkey Softie

This special guy made a trip to Denmark, in preparation of the arrival of my girlfriend’s new baby boy. The same girlfriend with the same due date as me who deserted me for Denmark. What’s so great about Denmark anyway? This monkey came with a little monkey onesie I made, but didn’t take a picture of. I had a lot of fun making him. I’ve never crafted a monkey before. I was really happy with how the tail came out. Usually I’m good about keeping a template of the pattern I used, but not this time. So he’s literally one-of-a-kind.

I only have six days left of work, which stupidly sounds like an eternity to me right now! A little more than three weeks left before the baby’s due to arrive. I am waddling around and feeling so tired and generally uncomfortable, but really nothing to complain about. I’ve had a model pregnancy and the baby seems to be very healthy, so I try and count my blessings–some days more successfully than others.

I made quite the headway on the baby quilt this week. I have 10 of the “plus” squares pieced and five to go. I decided I would have a reversible quilt, since I couldn’t decide on a pattern; I’ll have two! I’m doing the free form (like the beach blanket) on the back side of the quilt. Small quilts go so much more quickly than large ones!

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April Showers

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

My mom threw me a lovely shower. As you can see, she is quite crafty herself and made the most darling decorations with items I could reuse–a double gift! I was really impressed by the baby hanger-bootie-mitten garland she made. Everything was adorable and I had the best time. It was so nice to be surrounded by friends, some of them mothers themselves, and showered with their kind words and gifts. My dear friend Aja sent her delicious bath tea bags to give out as favors, since she lives in Connecticut and is missing all of the pregnant lady fun (not really. I call to complain on a regular basis.).

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Cakes! Onesie and Burp Cloth

I made this little onesie and burp cloth set for a couple in my office having a girl. It was fun to indulge in the pinkest of pinks. I don’t think they’re really pink people, but I had to get it out of my system somehow.

We’re back to the gray days, but it has warmed up a little. At least there hasn’t been snow on the rooftops when I wake up in the morning. This little one I’m growing is not so little any more. I keep thinking that my belly can’t get any bigger, but it does! Growing and growing and growing.

I made the first square for the baby quilt, but now I’m reconsidering my pattern choice. I had planned on making a quilt very similar to this, but am now reconsidering because of how little of the print shows. And maybe it’s a little too sophisticated. Now I’m thinking about a similar pattern by the same quilter, which would show off the fabric more but does look really complex. Or, maybe something more freestyle like the beach blanket I made last year. Any thoughts?

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Little Dungaree

Bear Softie with Dungarees

I made this little bear some time ago, but she had a dress. A problem, since I wanted to gift a baby boy with a bear. So, I whipped up these little dungarees. I had no intention of making the pants so tight, but once I put them on the bear I loved the look they made–very turn-of-the-century or “Tin Tin” pants as Ryan called them.

I took yesterday off as it was a gloriously sunny day and hit 70! There was literally snow on the ground as of last Thursday, and I don’t imagine the loveliness will stick around so I wanted to enjoy it fully. I worked a little on the nursery, baby quilt and another softie, which is all done except for his clothes.

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Bird Wallet for Ryan

Taking a break from the baby crafting, here is a wallet I made for Ryan using a Neenah paper sample from the office. I love the sample books that paper companies make–gorgeous color and imagery. He goes through wallets really fast. I think the last one lasted him about six months. Granted, the wallets are just paper and vinyl, but others have managed to keep theirs for over a year.

Bird Wallet

Bird Wallet

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