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I had some fun digging around the world wide web yesterday and thought I’d share my findings. I wanted to try this photo montage-y thing that Big Huge Labs makes. It was fairly easy to do; they have an app that works with Flickr so you can make a set and then voila!

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Burp Cloths

I hope you aren’t tired of all things baby yet. These complete the set of burp cloths I made–a total of 6. The lions and tigers fabric came in the mail, so I set off to the local fabric store to get the rest of the materials for a baby quilt. I’m thinking I’ll size it for the toddler bed and then it can stick around for a while, and be sized for when he can actually use it as opposed to adorning the side of the crib.

We have plans to spend the weekend in Vancouver, B.C. I used Priceline and got a room at the Hyatt for $70 a night. We’re going to head out early on Friday and stay through Sunday. Does anyone have any good restaurant or fabric store recommendations? I really like Vancouver, but we rarely make it up there because of the hassle at the border. I found a few travel deals, for anyone interested. We had originally planned to go to Portland and stay at The Nines, a new hotel that looks beautiful. They’re offering a special for $99 a night if you book by tomorrow. We were also thinking about going to Victoria, as the big, gorgeous Fairmont Empress Hotel that looks like a castle is super on sale. I’ve always wanted to stay there. They’re having a special for $79 a night, versus the usual $300. But, alas, I can’t force myself to be reliant upon the ferry system, especially not for a short and quick getaway.

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Around the Weekend

Burp Cloth

Burp Cloth and Bib

These are burp cloths and a bib I made in my spree. The burp cloths are super fun and easy to make–and who doesn’t want something pretty to be spit up on, am I right? I used a soft, thin terry cloth on the back; I hope it’s soft enough. It seems most burp cloths are made out of flannel, which is definitely softer than the terry.

This is the crib and changer set that we picked out and Ryan’s family has so graciously purchased for us. It was so sweet! We should have them soon, which I’m excited about. I’ve been feeling very unprepared for the little one and having his room put together will be nice, I think.

We had a lovely weekend. I made a few more onesies and started work on the mobile, which is going to be the funnest project ever. We went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday and stopped in to be extras in a short film, “Dick Cheney vs. the Mummy.” It snowed the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen on Sunday morning–they were the size of feathers!

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Room Plans

I made some headway with the baby’s room. We picked out a crib and dresser set. I decided to give in and just get the expensive fabric I’ve had my eye on. It’s actually a crib sheet from Modern Nursery. I bought two to chop up and make the crib bumper, a pillow for the chair in the room, and a baby blanket. I have some other fabrics I have my eye on and plan to share them here. Does anyone know of a tool (that isn’t photoshop) where you can make an image of images in boxes, like the set at the bottom of this post?

Tigers and Lions

I also purchased these super cute wall decals. The animal theme spread across my house continues. It’s a good thing I’m a vegetarian.

Wall Decals

And, lastly, I love this mobile. It’s $179 and I want mine to be lions and tigers, so I’m going to make it. Ryan’s going to draw me cute cats to turn into mini softies. Projects!


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For Baby

Baby Set

I made this little set this weekend. There’s a burp cloth, bib, and onesie. The fit on the bib is a little better than the first one I tried, but I still think it’s off. I didn’t have a pattern or sample to work from. That’s an elephant on the onesie that I appliqued and then embroidered its little tail. I had originally thought I’d embroider the word elephant, but after I put the invisible ink on I wasn’t happy with it. I have some sort of aversion to type on clothing. I don’t have one thing in my wardrobe with type on it.

I made quite a few additional baby things over the weekend; it was so fun to have some time to craft and some simple projects that complete so quickly. I worked on the quilt some, too. I think I’m about a quarter of the way there with the hand quilting. I’m sure I will hate the intricate pattern I chose to quilt here soon.

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