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Warm All Over

Felted Table Runner

Felted Table Runner

This gorgeous felted table runner was a gift from Aja. She makes the most lovely felted things, but I think this is my favorite. The little bits of white around the pink are silk, and the whole thing is tailored to match my living room. Isn’t she a gem?

We’re headed to Big White, BC, Canada this weekend for the annual family ski trip. I looked on a map last night and was shocked to see it’s a whopping seven-hour drive each way. Not sure how that will work out being so pregnant, but I’m trying to concentrate on how fun it will be once we finally get there. We’re staying in the coziest rental house near the mountain. I’m planning on reading a good book by the fire and working on the quilt, which I seem to be progressing slowly on. I’m doing an intricate weave design on the long strips of white, and then outlining each part of the bricklayer squares. I think I’m a quarter of the way done and there’s still half of winter left so I should be doing the binding this spring.

And since I’ve been on a link kick, I’ll leave you with Blanket magazine. Eye candy.

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Valentine's Mess

All this.

Valentine's Cards

For this.

These are the Valentine’s cards I made this year. I went to the paper craft store, Impress, and found some fun materials. It took me a long while to come up with something I was happy with. Those cute little mushrooms stickers are vintage, thrifted by a friend.

If you didn’t have time to make them, you must send an e-Valentine courtesy of Kate Spade and her friends. She’s got a number of super cute designs available for free here.

Happy Valentine’s to you all! Wishing you love, snuggles, and candy.

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Apple Pie and Link Love

Apple Pie

This was a delicious caramel apple pie I made–cobbled together from a few recipes, my grandma’s crust, one online, Martha’s, and Nigella’s. I liked the seasoning of Martha’s (hello, bourbon–although I used Grand Marnier and Amaretto) and followed Nigella’s recipe for caramel sauce (this was after the disaster of following the random online recipe. caramel is a tricky business if you aren’t following the right recipe). It was pretty good, although next time I will double the amount of caramel sauce and save extra to go over the a la mode.

I went on a link path wild goose chase last week, finding so many wonderful illustrators that I want to share. Take a look at these beauties!

Sarah Ray
Lovely Paper
Juliana Bright
Julianna Swaney
Prints for sale at Art Garage

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

These are pretty little gifts, part made part purchased. There is fancy dish soap, hand soap, and lotion. One has a jar of pickled beans and the other has homemade hot chocolate mix–very easy to make. I added crushed peppermint sticks to mine, the only way to drink hot chocolate if you ask me. They also have a hand towel that I added a little fabric “flair” to.

Two things I am loving today:

Illustrations by Gemma Correll
Music by Lightning Love”

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