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Work in Progress


That’s my baby bump on the right. I’m pregnant with a little boy due in mid-May. That’s my girlfriend on the left, due on the same day with a little boy too! Ryan and I are so excited. We’ve been waiting some time to have babies, and are finally on our way–after nearly seven years of marriage and lots of waiting and nagging from our families. I’ve been feeling great, so hopefully that continues as I’m still working and would like to continue to do so.

There is SO much stuff on the market for babies. I can hardly believe how many material items something so small could possibly need, but I have found some things I just love but would never afford, like this diaper bag, or this ridiculously adorable crib sheet set, or this modern high chair. Wow. And the clothes! Unfortunately not as cute for boys as girls. I have a hard time understanding why someone would spend $75 on a onesie for a newborn that might be worn for a month, but so cute! Cuteness all over!

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Over the Weekend

Valley Ho

Valley Ho

Valley Ho

I had a business trip last week to Phoenix. Usually I don’t have a chance to stay and enjoy the weather, the pool, or my family that lives there. But this time I did. We always stay at the lovely Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, which has the most glorious pool. I spent Friday working by on my terrace, although it was cloudy all day (but a warm 75!). I visited with family on Saturday, and then flew home to a whirlwind weekend. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be warm without a cranked electric heater. The sun, the palm trees–oh!

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Cutest Furniture Ever


Isn’t this the cutest upholstered furniture you have ever seen? Wow. I saw this and have been drooling ever since. It’s a UK-based company and oh how I wish I could have this little love seat. It would be perfect! perfect! for my living room, or anywhere really. I can just imagine me in a book with the kitty on my lap. It looks comfy, too. Squint Limited is behind these. Check out their gallery. Gorgeous!

 Miss Behave has posted some tutorials for cute pillows, some of which would go nicely on this couch. My own log cabin-ish pillow is included, which is how I found the link. I just love the little owl pillows!

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Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag for Sew News

This is a yoga mat bag that I created for Sew News magazine. A friend of mine is a yoga instructor and I was inspired to create something for her, and it seemed like a good piece for a magazine too. I whipped up a test sample out of cotton, changed a few things–mostly how the strap was hanging and the pocket size–and wrote a pattern. I used a heavy canvas for the final bag and picked a fabric that is bold (what I’m typically drawn to) in a color palette I thought she might like.

You can make a yoga mat bag from the pattern I wrote and find lots of other great project ideas in the winter issue of Sew News. I’ve seen it at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. I’ve got another pattern coming out in the spring as well! It was such fun, hopefully they’ll want me to write a few more.

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Christmas Break

Christmas Bobbles

Wow, after two weeks of being locked out of my blog because of a horrible WordPress (yes, WP I am very upset with you right now. we need to talk.) error, I’m back! My sweet husband seems to have fixed the log-in problem, after much stressing on my part.

We had a wonderful Christmas break, much of it spent trapped inside by the 16 inches of snow clogging the roads outside. I baked and baked–chocolate pistachio biscotti, cranberry cornmeal biscotti, amaretti, peppermint bark, Christmas wreath sugar cookies, shortbread, and a homemade hot chocolate mix. I packaged these up with pretty cellophane and gave them as gifts (of course I forgot about the picture). It was so nice to have the time to leisurely bake and enjoy being cozy inside. That is until six days go by and you start to feel trapped and your husband’s 30th birthday is canceled because of the weather!

Christmas Biscotti

I took the full two weeks off from work. I’ve been here for nearly two years now and have never taken that much time off. It was lovely and I feel completely detoxed, although life back at work has been rough–paying the price for my free time!

Hopefully my posting will not be so sporadic in the new year!

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