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Friday Failed Project


I had a plan to make a kitty basket from fabric. My great grandma used to use her leftover fabrics to make braided rugs. I always loved how they looked and thought it might be nice to try the technique in basket format. I braided about 8 yards of rope, but when I started to coil it realized that a) I would still need another 16 yards, and b) that the braid was not nearly tight enough and the fabric not nearly sturdy enough/thick enough. I have no idea how this is done and now wish I’d done a little research before diving in, but that’s the nature of trying things out. I’m a little hesitant to start over with this, because I probably spent two hours mindlessly braiding. But I have no clever ideas of what else to do with the length of rope I made. Any ideas?

I have great plans to go to a pumpkin patch and do some vintage hunting tomorrow. Hopefully the weather holds up and I can get Ryan on board! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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Color Study: Yellow

Autumn Tree

Cream Puff

Yellow Chest

I always love the color studies that I see around blogland–random colored items in the same family. It’s such a nice juxtaposition of everyday objects. These are a few yellow items that can be seen around my house–that brilliant autumn tree, an empty cream puff box, and my yellow trunk that stores all my quilts.

I have been so in awe of the fall colors this year. I can’t ever remember what makes them so bright, wetness or dryness, but they are just lovely this year. When I was walking home yesterday I so wished I had a super camera to photograph them. My camera would not have done justice the elm leaves and twigs the muted color of old book pages that were scattered so perfectly they looked painstakingly arranged; nor the piles of red maple leaves that had been swept in a wave pattern by the rain, as if molded like kelp on a sandy beach.

Ryan and I made a regular stop of Joe’s pizza in New York, which was handily right next to a Beard Papa–a store that makes cream puffs to order that are so yummy I really need to have one right now. Seattle has not had a Beard Papa, until now. It’s in Uwajimaya, in case you want to stop in. They only take cash, so you know. Hooray for Beard Papa! Don’t you just love that line drawing of the bearded papa?

And lastly, the trunk. I used to use this as a coffee table. I found it at an antique store in Tacoma and just loved it. Someone must have painted it, and the leather handles are long gone, but I still love it. My step-father was so kind as to line the inside with cedar planks, so it really is perfect for housing linens. I keep all my quilts and family heirloom needle crafts in here. It lives in my living room; often I pull them out for a show and tell, or a cuddle on the couch with the aforementioned tea and movie.

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Idea Book

Idea Book

I had no intention of taking a blogging break, but time got away from me. I have a much more difficult time with getting things done in the evening when the weather changes. I find all I want to do is curl up with a blanket, tea and a movie/book/TV show. Which leads to very productive crafting and blogging as you can tell. If this were a blog about my TV watching, it would have many more frequent updates. But that would be lame, lame, lame! (What does this say about me?)

Alas, I did spend a lovely Saturday afternoon last week at a dear friend’s new house sewing and crafting. It’s got a wood stove and is surrounded by apple trees, and she prepared a delicious brunch for us girls. I worked more on my dress, which now fits me everywhere. I just have to do all of the finishings–hemming and trimming and whatnot–now. I also spent a few good hours with my idea book. I tear out everything I see in magazines that I want to remember for some future project and organize them and keep them in this binder, which I do use several times a year. I have little folders for each holiday that holds all of the ideas for decorating, eating, and general merriment. It has come in handy on many occasion. I keep a stack of ripped pages and try to organize it twice a year, which works pretty well. This used to have “Idea Book” spelled out in beads on the cover, but got ripped to shreds and now says, “I Book.” Still fitting.

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Happy Third Blogiversary

Vegetarian Sushi Cake
Vegetarian Sushi Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Felt Cake
Felt Cake by Shirley’s Workshop

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake by Julie Des Meules

Knitting Cake
Knitting Basket Cake by Cake Journal

Today is the third anniversary of this blog. It does and doesn’t seem so long ago that I started this–a catalog of my adventures–that I get to share with all of you lovelies. I posted about my reasons for starting this here, in case you haven’t read. It’s a story! But from those beginnings, my blogging has morphed and formed. Since I’ve started working I haven’t been able to keep this up the way I would hope, but I am so thankful to have a place to share my projects, thoughts, dreams, life. Thank you for reading. Thank you for inspiring me. And most of all, thank you for all of the kind thoughts and for sharing this journey with me.

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Fall Quilt

Fall Quilt

There’s nothing like starting new quilts before you finish old ones. The face of this quilt that I started in January is completely pieced; I’m just dreading the stretching and pinning the backing and batting process. I don’t have an efficient tool to do this. My great grandmother had a wooden frame in her basement to do this and quilt with as well. I certainly don’t have space for something like that. But, I think I will try the spray glue method that was recommended at some point, maybe over Christmas break.

I just couldn’t pass up the fabric that’s second from the top. I can’t remember who makes it, but it’s a canvas and I just love the print. I still want to find a pea green fabric with some print, and I’ll need a solid or two in there as well. It’s just going to be a lap quilt I’m making as a gift.

For my next quilt (I know, what? Two in progress and already thoughts for a new one?) I really want to do an appliqué. I’ve also always wanted to do a postage square quilt, but that seems a little torturous. I have tons of scraps that would be perfect for it, though. And quilts like that are always such a hallmark of a time period–to see each and every scrap of fabric used over a span of years.

I did not get my pots planted; I didn’t even make it to the store. Instead, we spent Saturday picking blackberries and watching the salmon run at Cedar River, and then dinner with friends. That was followed by a whopper of a migraine that pretty much debilitated me for the rest of the weekend. And on that note!

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