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It was a whirlwind weekend for me. My work had a huge twentieth anniversary party, which was followed by all of my family in town for my brother’s graduation on Saturday. I think I had 10 hours of sleep the whole weekend! It was fun though–lots of celebration. The weather’s been wild–spots of sun and warmth followed by heavy rain and even thunderstorms. The temperature drops suddenly and makes effective dressing near impossible. I have my fall coats and wardrobe out; it’s a big bummer!

kitsune Noir
I’ve really been enjoying the Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper Project. Each week a new design is posted, so you can change your desktop like you would your purse. Some of them are not to my tastes, but some really are.

Mummy Sam

Domestic Construction

Little Odd Forest

These are a few shops I’ve been watching on Etsy. There are SO many shops on Etsy now I feel overwhelmed when shopping. I’ve started marking my favorites each time I do go, and then going straight to my heart links to shop, instead of sifting through each time.

I have to travel to Spokane for business this week, but I’m taking a four-day weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some time to make things and blog and be crafty!

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Quilt and Elephant for Baby

Baby Girl Quilt

Baby Girl Quilt

Baby Girl Quilt

I made this quilt to match the elephant for a dear friend who’s pregnant with a girl! I just love little girl things; they’re so sweet and tender. It was much more fun to work on a girl quilt than a boy quilt. I’m far happier with the outcome as well. This is Hyacinth, who I made a while back. The elephant softies are fun to make, but the nose is a bit tricky.

Kate had her baby shower on Saturday. It was a lovely shower in a very picturesque setting with a white tent flounced with tulle, and tables with real silver, vintage crystal plates and linens, and delicious food. I could spend many Saturday afternoons there, I’m certain.

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Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

A lovely friend gave me Nigella Lawson’s How to Be a Domestic Goddess cookbook. I’ve tried a few things out of it, all of which came out scrumptious, but I’ve had my eye on the cinnamon rolls for a while. I made them, from scratch! And doubled the recipe to boot, so I could bring the bounty in to work. It took quite some time, a very time-intensive project indeed, but they came out heavenly. The edges were browned with butter and sugar and crunched ever so slightly, and the dough is really great. I topped mine with cream cheese frosting and fresh blueberries, which the book did not recommend, but I loved the extra sweet with the slight tart of the blueberries. I’d make these every day if they were easier and not so fatty.

Half of my week was disintegrated with a very unfortunate dental headache; apparently the guy who filled a cavity last year did a bang up job and I had to have a crown put on. OMG this was the most horrible experience of my life. I hate the dentist yet I have such an unquenchable sweet tooth. Hours in the chair coupled with a business trip to Spokane and my week’s over with so little work accomplished and so much that piled up. I’m feeling overwhelmed and spent and buried. But, it’s summertime and almost the weekend, so this week will be over shortly, whether it’s ready or not.

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Quilt for Ezra

Quilt for Ezra

Quilt for Ezra

I made this quilt for a very new baby boy. I used what I had on-hand; I just love the baseball print. The quilt was straightforward to whip up, although it still took a few hours. I used some vintage fleece-like material for the back that I adore. It’s a flower and oval print, but boys can have flowers, no?

I had a lovely weekend. I spent Saturday pickling (pics soon!), shopped for new clothes for Ryan, and had a lovely dinner outdoors with friends around a fire table with delicious summer fruits and vegetables. And now I’m at work, wishing I was at least a hundred other places.

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Cross Stitch


I haven’t done cross stitch in a very long time. However, I was asked to whip this up for work, for an apartment building in Portland, so I spent a cold and cloudy summer day crossing stitches. I think it was made into a trolley wrap, used on the website, and a few other flyer-type things. It’s kind of strange to see something so domestic out of context like this.

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Orcas Island

Orcas Island

Orcas Island

Orcas Island

We made the long journey to Orcas Island from Seattle. Mileage-wise, it’s not that far away but between driving time, waiting for the ferry, the ferry ride, and then the drive to the resort, it was quite the journey. Once we got there I saw a sign that said “Getting here is half the fun.” Not so sure about that; I’m impatient by nature. But it was a gorgeous gorgeous island with little coves, massive madrona trees, spectacular views. We had several lovely dinners and spent a few hours combing the beach for sea glass. We found a whole quart jar full! I don’t know what it is about things like this, berry picking, sea glass hunting–it does all feel like a treasure hunt. Perhaps that’s it.

There are hoards of deer on the island and they aren’t afraid of people; they would eat grass right out of people’s hands–see how close we got? We stayed at the Rosario Resort on the island and it was a very beautiful place with a mansion built at the turn of the twentieth century, docks full of boats, an oceanside pool, but we didn’t have the best of stays due to the horrible customer service. I don’t think I’d recommend going to Orcas, mostly because of the long journey, but we had a great time nonetheless.

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