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On the Ferry


Lavendar Festival

Bees in the Lavendar

My mom and I took a trip to Vashon Island for the lavendar festival. I really like Vashon. It’s people who work in Seattle, but live on island time. The beaches and windy roads and properties remind me of Martha’s Vineyard, and there are some really great restaurants and little shops to peruse. Our visit timed perfectly with a page I’d pulled out of Sunset magazine, that had tips on where to eat. We had a lovely (if a bit too long; the service was SLOW!) at The Monkey Tree and had the best fries I’ve ever eaten…ever. They were russet potatoes cut think and beer battered, and then lathered with parmesan cheese. It came with a trio of sauces: ketchup, a lavender and rosemary aioli, and a chipotle ranch. The rest of the food paled in comparison, but was tasty nonetheless.

The festival was spread out amongst several lavender farms on the island, each hosting a few art tents and food items (lavender shortbread, lavender lemonade, etc.). We picked our own bunches, which filled a vase easily, for $5. I am so doing this again next year!

I’ve done no sewing of late. The weather’s been too nice and work is, once again, knocking my socks off. I was so tired on Monday that I went straight to bed after dinner. But there will be more adventures to be sure. Monday is my birthday and Ryan is taking me away for the weekend. I’ve already got flowers on my desk at work. I love you, babe.

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Modern Quilt, Again

Modern Quilt

This is the pattern I made for my Gee’s Bend-inspired quilt. It has 16 of the bricklayer-type squares and then some lazy-girl strips. I really like large punches of white in quilts. I think it makes the color and patterns really stand out. I’m about an hour out from having the whole thing pieces, and then it will be on to the actual quilting, which I’m going to do by hand. Knowing me, I probably won’t start that until it’s cold, so if you’re tired of me talking about this quilt yet, that’s good news!

We’re planning on heading to the Bite of Seattle food festival this weekend and maybe hitting the beach if it’s sunny. I submitted my story and sample to Sew Simple. Yay!

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Yo-Yo Quilt

YoYo Quilt

This is a little yo-yo project I’m working on. I was gifted quite a few of the yo-yos and then I’ve made up about 25 more. I love the quilted mat from a Japanese craft book in this post. I’m going to make a table runner out of it. Most of the yo-yos are vintage and in the most adorable prints. I love the green fabric with the anchors on it.

The weekend was glorious and spent doing a whole host of things. I saw Lisa Loeb perform for free at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. I was totally in love with her and her music throughout high school. She’s got a new CD out for kids, called Camp Lisa with camp songs on it. The proceeds go to help pay for kids to go to summer camp. How cute is that? I spent plenty of time in the sun soaking up the wonderful summer weather, too. I love summer!

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See My Garden Grow



It’s a tiny garden (actually just a ledge with about 10 planters), but it’s growing. I’ve had about 15 strawberries off of four plants that started blooming a couple weeks ago. If I had space, I would have a whole host of vegetables, herbs, and berries. My neighbor has raspberries, blackberries, grapes, cherries, apples, and peaches, which make such a lovely yard I can hardly stand it. For now, I have my ledge.

The Fourth of July weekend was so nice and relaxing. We spent it with friends, worked on projects, and a took a short jaunt to the mountains to take in the glacier springs, pine forests, and warm sun. It was a perfect weekend. I made a whole lot of progress on my quilt; it’s almost all pieced together. Sew Simple magazine has asked me to write a few articles for their upcoming issues, which I’m just ecstatic about. I made the project for the magazine (don’t worry, I’ll tell you when it’s closer to the press date) and got the tutorial all written out. I still need to test my own writing and make a test of the pattern, so I don’t throw anyone for a loop.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Cheesecake Flag

I saw this recipe in this month’s Martha Stewart and decided that I would make baking elaborate flag-themed Fourth of July treats a tradition. I made this creation last year and it was delicious. The cheesecake flag was incredibly time intensive, but I’m very happy with the final outcome, and it tastes delicious. I hope you all have a lovely holiday.

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