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Fancy Daisy Bricklayers Quilt

New Quilt

New Quilt

I made the pattern and cut the pieces for this quilt in January, and it’s been sitting in my unfinished project bin ever since. I took it back out again last weekend, in my project flurry-of-usefulness, and got each of the complex, bricklayer patterned-squares pieced and nicely pressed. I’m adding in three freestyle (well, they’re all pretty freestyle) blocks that have small pieces; not postage-size, more like half a bookmark. This quilt was inspired by the Gee’s Bend quilts that I can’t seem to stop talking or thinking about. I meant to take a picture of the drawing of the finished pattern I made, so you could see the bigger picture. I’ll have to remember to do that. I think I’ll hand quilt and bind this one, using those great basting instructions I posted last week.

I had a wonderful weekend spent lounging in the sun and reading a few books. I just finished “The Whole World Over,” by Julia Glass, which was fantastic. It was a beautiful story told from four perspectives that alternated by chapters. I’ve just started into “Happiness Sold Separately,” another Lolly Winston book, which is just as good as the last one thus far. The warm sun, blue skies, free time, and pleasant company was just what I needed to dose away the doldrums. I’m feeling refreshed and renewed.

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Life and Such

Costume Love

A friend and I made five costumes for a summer VBS program at church. There’s a vulture, and two women and men in Old Testament time-style clothing, you know robes and headdresses and staffs. The vulture is the coolest, if you ask me. I packaged them up nicely, because despite its environmental hazards, packaging really gives the final item justice and makes it sing.

I’m feeling blue today–bogged down by commitments and unable to enjoy daily life. I hate not having time to make a good meal, take pride in a clean house, some time at the craft table. I feel I’m always forced to choose between sleep, getting the basics done, or having some free time. I’m lacking in purpose and spending so much time on something I’m not really committed to and take little satisfaction from. I know I’ll snap out of it, but it’s where I’m at today on this beautiful June day. But, before I leave you on that note, I have some great links to share.

One, is this fabulous boutique. Oh, the clothes! Two, is this great basting tutorial for putting your quilts together that I forgot about until after I finished that last quilt. It looks like it will deliver the results I’ve been after without buying one of those huge quilt stretching contraptions that won’t fit in a single room in my house. And three, is this other fabulous tie-on slipper tutorial that you have to check out.

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Mushroom Shirt

Mushroom Shirt

Mushroom Shirt

I whipped up this shirt over the weekend. I made the pattern from a shirt that I have, and it was surprisingly easy. It made me wonder why I don’t make more of my own clothing. (Umm. I like to shop?) My friend gave me the fabric, which she found at an estate sale. The girl knows how to find a deal, and lucky for me, she shares! I’ve been collecting vintage buttons for a while now and decided to use them across the top. I love how it turned out. If I make another top soon, I’ll post the pattern. It was seriously easy.

The weather is finally starting to turn (fingers crossed!) and it was mostly sunny all weekend, although not super warm, but who’s complaining. I spent most of time in the craft room and in the park reading; it was perfect and lovely.

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The Berry Quilt

Berry Quilt

Berry Quilt

Berry Quilt

And, it’s finished! I did tie the quilt after all. This quilt reminds me of berries. I had a triple berry sorbet this past weekend, that if all these colors were mashed together, would surely be the same hue of bruised purple. The kitty has decided this quilt is hers and would not butt out of the photographing. I had to shove her off to get the first one. I was joking with Ryan that redecorating the living room was more for the cat than anyone else. She spends the most time in there by far.

I read in my Gee’s Bend book that quilts with long strips of fabrics are called Lazy Girl quilts. Don’t you love that? While I did want something easy to make, I really like the modern lines strips of fabric give, as opposed to something intricately pieced. A lot of modern art has this quality–straightforward, simplistic. While wandering in any given museum, going from renaissance to modern art, I often find myself thinking of how lazy the art seems in comparison, wondering how much of it was choice, statement, and just the nature of these industrial times where we expect things to be easy. I don’t have a point really, just thinking out loud.

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Vacation Books, Plus Links

Vacation Books

These are the books I read on vacation, mostly easy, “chick lit” reads.

Sushi for Beginners, Marianne Keys: It was a fun quick read, although the cliches started to get a little silly toward the end.

Watermelon, Marianne Keys: I thought it was a really cute, easy read about a woman struggling to make her life her own.

Good Grief, Lolly Winston: Loved this. It was an easy read, but without some of the insufferable qualities of most chick lit. It was heartfelt, a little sad, but such joy at the end.

J.A.P. Chronicles, Isabelle Rose: I’d seen this several times and allmost pick it up that many times as well, so I decided to take it with me on the trip. It was a fun read, but I don’t know that I recommend it. A little rough around the edges.

When Madeline Was Young, Jane Hamilton: The best book out of this lot. Loved it!

And I have some link love for you today. Fed up with the droll granny prints at your local fabric store? Now you can make your own, and it’s not horrendously expensive! If I had more time, I’d be making fabric patterns left and right on Spoonflower.

And, I saw this lovely tutorial for a succulent terrarium over at Decor8. It would make an excellent Christmas present.

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WIP: Throw Blanket

WIP: throw blanket

I’m still working on my throw blanket for the living room. I posted about it before, but it was the lone post lost in the shuffle. I really love the colors–the deep dark pink and purples. I’ve got the front stitched together and the back is done, too. I just need to cut the batting and start putting it together. I can’t decide whether to tie it or quilt it. I’m leaning towards tying it, because it’s so easy and leaves the blanket free of puckering. I was thinking I’d do a patchwork binding, compiled of all the scraps from the blanket, but it will be too much pattern. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon.

I haven’t had near enough time in the craft room this year. It’s disappointing not having the time or the energy to create. I really miss it and can’t come up with a solution to resolve it. Cancel cable? Craft diet? I recall an article in Bust a few years ago that outlined how to bring more time for creating into your life. Too bad I threw that out.

This weekend was our sixth wedding anniversary. We went to Mexico to really celebrate, and had a lovely, long dinner out last night to commemorate it. It’s fun having a marked day each year to look through the wedding album, talk about what we’d like to change in the upcoming year, remember the fun moments from this year, etc. I’m so thankful I have such a wonderful man to share my life with. Here’s to another hundred more!

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