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Gifts In, Gifts Out


I just love this mushroom print, with matching trim–thrifted and gifted to me by a dear friend. I’m planning on making a summer top with it. Anyone know of a simple pattern for a sleeveless top?


This is a thrifted package I put together for a friend, a thank you for letting us stay with her recently. I just love the tea cup, it has a bone china and England stamp on the bottom, not sure what that means. Does anyone out there know a thing or two about collecting china?

Ryan and I are headed to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow for a week to soak up some sun and relax. I’ll post pics when we’re back. Hope you all have great weeks!

4 comments May 26th, 2008

Around Town

Around Seattle

Around Seattle

Around Seattle

These are some shots I took when I was on a walk around town during my lunch. I need to start bringing the camera with me more. I like random shots–it helps you to remember the daily aspects of life, which can be both nice and ugly.

My husband, the hero, has successfully fixed my blog without losing any comments (and only one post)! There will still be some tweaking in the upcoming weeks, but I’m back up! and running people! I felt at a loss without this form of communication. Even though I don’t post all the time, it’s nice having the option of posting whenever the mood strikes.

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Oh, the Lameness

Okay, so apparently my site has been hacked. Someone has accessed my username and password info and taken it upon themselves to hide information in my code about prescription drugs for men, and other things, if you get my drift. Ryan’s been warning me for some time that I need to update to the newest version of WordPress to prevent this, but it probably means losing all of the comments from you lovelies (and a day’s worth of work to transfer things), so I haven’t done it. Google has officially abolished me from their search engine because of these words, and I would just like to say, shame on you–whoever you are! So, there may be some changes around here and some tweaky things for a while. But have no fear! I’m not going anywhere.

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Sunlight in the Living Room

New Living Room

New Living Room, couch

New Living Room, curtains and chest

This is the living room, all done up. There’s the gray, wool couch and the new throw pillows, the new rug and new curtains, and what you’ve already seen of the dining room. I’m really happy with how it turned out–not too colorful, not too devoid of color. I also wanted something darker, but not melancholy and I think that’s been achieved. If only I could paint the walls!

We had a lovely weekend, although it was downright cold. We spent most of it inside, visiting family and celebrating moms. We went to the Mariner’s game last night and had great seats in the club section. I brought a blanket, gloves, and scarf and managed to keep warm. The boys even won the game–even better!

We’ve got a vacation in the works, to someplace warm and beachy and I cannot wait. I am so ready for some real, summer-like weather, we’re just going to have to go to it, since it won’t come to us.

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Bear Small Box

Cabinet Small Box


These are the boxes I worked on for the living room. I had an entirely different idea in mind when I sat down, and then after I looked at what I had to work with, scratched it entirely. There are a lot of images of animals in our house. From the bug boxes in the craft room to the bird quilt and paintings in the bedroom to these new boxes (and all the other art in the living room). Birds, squirrels, horses, bears, oh my! So, I was trying to avoid the use of animals in these. As you can see, it didn’t work out. At all. We love animals!

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