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From Cathy Nichols on Etsy From Ubiki on Etsy
Cathy Nichols; Ubiki

From Corid on Etsy From AjaVu on Etsy
Corid; Aja Vu

From Dolan Geiman on Etsy From Janice J's Ill. on Etsy
Dolan Geiman; Janice J’s Illustrations

From Margin on Etsy From Scott Garette on Etsy
Margin; Scott Garrette

I just love all of these artists on Etsy. I sometimes get frustrated at how difficult it is to search through all the hundreds and thousands of items for sale on Etsy, but the gems are great; it’s worth it. I bought a print from Margin and from Janice J. I really wanted a few of the others, but the color schemes wouldn’t have worked out. I’ve been in the studio working on a few boxes of my own, in the spirit of Joseph Cornell. I’ve been saving a few found objects to use for some time, so they are now being put to good use. I should have some pics to post this week.

We had a fair bit of sun this weekend, for which I was very pleased. I spent an afternoon on my beach blanket–which spent a sad and lonely winter in the closet–reading Sunset and Martha Stewart magazines. It was glorious. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a repeat this weekend!

5 comments April 30th, 2008

Gifts and Updates

Aja's Earrings

Aren’t these gorgeous? My dear friend gave these to me as part of my winter gift. She sells her beautiful creations on Etsy.

Living Room Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peak of the living room update. That’s the new couch in gray and I’m using punches of pink and swaths of purple. Poor Ryan, but it’s not as girly as it sounds. It’s mostly gray and wood with a few hints of color. I’m nearly done. I just need to update the art on the walls and get around to making throw pillows and a blanket. Have you ever tried shopping for purple fabric? There isn’t much to be found and most of it is lilac. I wound up ordering some yardage on, but it was difficult there too. Who knows whether the fabric I ordered is actually purple (it could be blue or pink or gray–have you seen the color variance on different monitors?). I really wish that they took the time to write out what color it should be. We all had crayolas; there is a standard out there. We’ll see how it shapes up–probably just perfect.

Work has calmed down again, thank goodness. I’m trying to be more positive and let things slide easier. I have a tendency to meditate on problems like it’s going to help. Just so you know, it doesn’t; it just makes you crazy. Life lesson for the day! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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Setting the Table

Dining Table

Bird Shakers

Aja's Woolen Globes

These are treasures both gifted and found from our trip to the East Coast. My dear friend, Aja made the woolen globes (and she sells them here). I just love the way they look–like spun cotton candy. They sit in a silver platter on our dining room table with those bird salt shakers found at an antique mall in Connecticut.

It’s been a long haul over here in Seattle. The weather has been miserable–cold and sleet and even some snow. Added, work has been long and dramatic and altogether too much for me, consuming even. But I’ve been trying to find ways to outlet and luckily crafting is a positive one for me. I’ve been working on the living room redecorating and have made lots of progress. It’s nearly done! I’ll share pictures soon.

6 comments April 22nd, 2008

Fruit and Sea Birdhouse

Fruit and Sea Birdhouse

Apparently, it’s all things birds over here. I’m really not that much of a bird person, or maybe I just need to own it. This is last in the series (seriously, I won’t bore you with anymore) of birdhouses. Cherry Tomato has made the most lovely bird nest. You must go and see it. I just love the abstract, unfinished nature it has–that all bird nests have. They’re so delicate, so beautiful, and so random. I hope you’re all having great weeks.

4 comments April 17th, 2008

Sweet Daisy Birdhouse

Sweet Daisy Birdhouse

Batch of Birdhouses

One more in the set that will hang on my wall, once I get to it. I’m still on the living room revamp. I’ve got the couch, dining set, and a new coffee table. I’m waiting on the rug (12 weeks, coming from Europe) that is supposed to be here on Tuesday. Once I have that, I’ll go textile crazy. I’ve got a few ideas in mind. I reall like the feel of these purple rooms: here and here and here. And, I like these pillows. Does anyone else have some inspiration for purple?

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Gretel’s Birdhouse

Gretel's Birdhouse

This one is a little smaller than the first one and has more of an A-line shape. I added buttons or medallions to the point of each roof. I like the idea of including found objects in these–exactly what a bird would do!

I’ve missed blogland. I finally had a chance to go through every link on my bloglist and see what everyone has been up to. This used to be a biweekly occurrence for me, and I haven’t done it in months. I get so much inspiration from all of you. It’s no wonder I haven’t been sewing!

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