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A New Day, a New Room

New Table and Chair Set Side

New Table and Chair Set Chair

New Table and Chair Set Overhead

So, we’re on our way to the living room redo. Fortunately for me, our dining room is also in the living room, so for now it’s a two-fer. I got the table from Skarbos, which frankly was not the best retail experience. It’s sort of like Barney’s meets Nameless Used Car Dealership. But the table is beautiful and is a wunderkind. It folds out, with leaves enclosed, from 53″ to 93″ and can seat 12 to 14 people. It probably won’t get used often, but it’s nice to have nonetheless. The chairs are my favorite and remind me of origami. They came in a box and took some assembly (thanks sweet hubby and bro!), but I do love them. They’re from 2Modern a truly great site for affordable (mostly), gorgeous furniture.

Speaking of 2Modern, I just adore this rug. I was this close to buying it, but I think it would be a bit much with the large painting–birds, deer, squirrels–it might turn into a living room zoo if I’m not careful. I’ve got owls in the bedroom and insects in the craft room. I have got to tone it down! But seriously, isn’t it great? You should check out the other rugs in the collection. They’re not horribly priced for rugs and oh, my!

Deer Rug

And last, but not least, have you seen these fabulous wall decals? There are so many to choose from!

And what else can I say, work is overwhelming. Ryan and I are headed to Hood River, Ore. for a family getaway. We’re both really looking forward to a long weekend with good food, good company, and relaxation.

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