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Quilt Montage

Lap Quilt


Bird Quilt


Cotton Candy Quilt

Beach Blanket

Inspired by a meme I have yet to complete, I started looking around my blog in search of favorite posts. I started bookmarking them, and after looking through my list I realized they were mostly quilts. So I decided to gather them all in one fluffy post. I really do enjoy this medium. There’s something about piecing something together, building it layer by layer–seeing it through the tedious details, the color choices, the pattern choices. Aside from cutting things out, I really do enjoy the whole process. It’s so interesting how each one turns out different from the last, even if it’s the same pattern.

We’ve had quite the lovely weather here in Seattle, and it’s been hanging on for weeks. I have a ton of errands to get done this weekend, treats for work to make tonight, and I’ve been wanting to visit “The Gates of Paradise: Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Renaissance Masterpiece,” at the Seattle Art Museum but we’ll see how things play out.

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Out of the Ground Comes Spring

Heating Pad Cover

Heating Pad Cover

I’ve been eying my heating pad cover for sometime with disgust. Those felty things aren’t the prettiest in the world. I wanted to make my own cover, so it could be cute and useful. This is what I came up with. I spent a lot of time on the details–French seams and hemming tape at the top to reinforce it. I’ve never made an appliqué flower before, but it was simple enough to do. I used some of the gorgeous blue cloud and bat fabric I got just a smidge of, because it was ridiculously expensive.

I made this last weekend, when I had President’s Day off. Little did I know that I’d have to use it all week long! I spent a long day helping paint a friend’s house and apparently twisted something in my back, making it difficult to move and so that I had to cart my heating pad into work each day. I’m a little, old lady in disguise, apparently.

We’ve had glorious weather here. It’s been downright balmy and sunny and just spectacular. Work was another long week, but one without travel. This winter seems to be passing quickly, thankfully. I am already aching for warm weather and beach time. I heard the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, but that means nothing, right? Because the crocuses are popping up here and I’m ready to put the sweaters away.

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Happy Hearts



These are the valentine’s I made for this year. I didn’t manage to get them in the mail until today, even though I made them two weeks ago! It’s a little garland of hearts, using a combination of fabric and paper, sewn to ribbon. On each I heart I wrote something I love about each person–sentimental, I know. The garland folds into this heart, which turns into the envelope in the bottom picture. I found the envelope idea in Martha Stewart a few years back.

I’m off to Phoenix for an overnight business trip. I’ll be in town long enough to sleep and have a 9am meeting, and then I’ll hopefully be back in time for a Valentine dinner with my husband. What are you up to?

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Flying By

Chihuly Studio
Courtesy of glasshopperaz

This week took forever. It was long and tiring, and at the end of each day I couldn’t drag myself to the computer to post anything, let alone craft. Work has officially become official and busy and crazy and consuming. I have no intentions of giving up on my precious blog, but I think it’s safe to say posting will be weekly for a while.

One of my new clients at work is Dale Chihuly, the glass artist. I’ll be project managing a few of his art books–back to what I love doing, so that’s really exciting. I had a 2-hour meeting with him at his studio in Ballard yesterday. I didn’t bring my camera, but this test wall of glass colors was there, just as spectacular. I love his glass pieces. They’re so unexpected and colorful, especially as chandeliers and outside garden sculptures.

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