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Advent Calendar Goodness

Martha's Little Drummer Display

This is a decoration in the current issue of Martha Stewart, but I think it will make a cute advent calendar. It’s a few branches spray painted white with little drum ornaments made from miniature wooden boxes. I’m going to head to the craft store on Saturday to pick up supplies and try my hand at it. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out super hokey, as it will be December 1 and I won’t have any time, once again, to put something together. I’ve been aiming to make an advent calendar since I started this blog, so fingers crossed.

I did scour the Web for some great alternatives, if you’re interested in making one yourself. There’s a great tutorial on a stocking garland advent calendar (25 handmade miniature stockings, oh my!) over at Kiddley, courtesy of Soule Mama. Hop Skip Jump tried her hand at it, and it’s looking charming. There’s this idea to wrap mini presents and hang them. Wise Craft’s advent tree from last year. Both of these are gorgeous hanging cloth wall calendars, similar to what I had as a kid: from Pink Chalk Studio and over at Wren’s Nest. I’m considering abandoning the little drummer boy idea for this wreath made with watchmaker tins. It’s just so cute.

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Rich with Color

Tote Bag

I made this quilted tote bag for a Christmas gift this year. I’ve decided to not be so secretive and wait until after Christmas to show my gifts this year. It’s just too hard, especially since it means I have literally nothing to show you. I can’t remember who makes this fabric, but it’s a gorgeous canvas/cotton blend with such rich colors and imagery. It would be hard to make something ugly with it, I think. I lined the bag with a petite, black floral print and a bat pocket from the leftover blue fabric on the front. I splurged for the woven cotton handles, which make for a nice finish.

I took pictures of the process and plan to type up a tutorial for everyone, as I’ve had a few requests for tote bag instructions.

The weather is gray and cloudy today, but we’ve actually had a nice mix of sun. It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up with a fire and a movie, hopefully snuggling with someone you love. My house is a mess of laundry, as is usually the case after returning from holiday. I aim to get the house back in order, make an advent calendar (anyone have good ideas?), and put the Christmas decorations up all on Saturday. Can it be done? Hopefully, and even more likely if I can restock the coffee in the house before then.

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Thanksgiving in California

Monterey Calif.

Monterey Calif.

Monterey Calif.

Monterey Calif.

Sorry to be gone so long. Thanksgiving snuck up on me and I had so much to do in order to get us packed and off to California to visit Ryan’s family, that blogging fell by the wayside. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner prepared for us this year with delicious vegetarian dishes, wine, and dessert. I hope yours was lovely, too. We spent the rest of our week reading in the sun and taking this trip to Monterey, where Christmas was in full swing at the beach. It was a strange juxtaposition–the palm tree poised behind the Christmas tree; Santa’s shop set up next to a shop full of sun screen, sunglasses, and beach towels; a live reindeer perched next to a statue of Steinbeck. The weather was glorious the whole time and I was very thankful to catch a few rays, reading a good book (Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister), and the binding on a quilt my great grandmother never got around to finishing. I’ve been trying to take pictures of a few projects, but it’s just so dark all the time. Hopefully the sun will make its way to Seattle to shine in my windows and lighten up my pictures!

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These are some owls in my apparent growing collection of owls. I designed our whole bedroom around the state bird quilt that I started ages ago and is just about done. It inspired a whole flock of birds to nest in our house; I’ve got birds sprinkled all around. These are all in the bedroom. I noticed there isn’t an owl for a state bird. What’s up with that? Have a nice weekend!

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Morning Sun

Morning Sun

Morning Sun

I awoke this morning to the sun pouring in through the windows. The house was near icebox temperatures because I wanted to sleep with the down comforter and the quilt on the bed, tucked in a cozy hollow. A friend brought over a grapefruit upside down cake last night, so I took my coffee and a slice of cake sitting in the morning sun. It was peaceful and serene and cold, and I had every desire to stay there in my robe, get out the quilt, and finish hand sewing the binding on. The winter is a perfect time to drape a work-in-progress over your lap and stitch away in front of a fire or a good movie, or both. This is exactly what I have in mind after work today.

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Hung Up

Earring Hanger

A friend made this for me for my birthday and I’m just now getting around to posting it. I photographed it several times, but the lighting was never right. I finally snapped a picture that looked good, and here we are. It’s a photo frame that’s been covered in cloth. She attached a wire in the middle, which the earrings rest on and another wire for it to hang from. It works very well, and I keep it in my bathroom for easy use.

I’ve been very hung up browsing the Design Public shop. I could blow paychecks upon paychecks furnishing and decorating my entire house here. So far I’ve been a rock and haven’t purchased so much as a placemat. Although the mushroom coffee and end tables are calling my name. Can you hear it? More shopping delight can be found at Linnet, which has been posted about prolifically in crafty blogland, but in case you missed it there are gorgeous fabrics and notions galore.

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