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Happy Halloween!


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Wallet & Checkbook Holder

I bought the bottom wallet at a little shop in Bellingham when I went to visit my brother the weekend before last. I really like it, but it doesn’t quite have enough space for all the cards and coupons and other little notes I carry around for various discounts and savings clubs. Those little pieces of paper and plastic add up to fill an entire other pouch. So, I made a second wallet (is that kind of like second breakfast?) to hold them all. It was fairly simple to sew up. I used leather and lined it with with upholstery fabric. I’m always amazed that my little sewing machine sews through the tough surfaces, but it does. I added a vintage glass button as an embellishment; it really closes with velcro.

I haven’t uploaded the San Francisco trip pics yet, but we had a great time. I’ll regale you with stories and visuals soon!

1 comment October 30th, 2007

Table Settings

Napkin Set

I just loved this fabric with the dead trees on it. I can’t remember who makes it, but in the fabric line there are a few faux bois prints. I picked up the blue trees and the tan faux bois print to make a table setting with. I’ve noticed Martha talking a great deal about faux bois of late and I don’t know if it’s me noticing it more or if there’s just more of the print around. It has a 70s feel to it—what with the whole wood paneling phenomenon. I made a set of napkins and trimmed them with rick rack—an idea from the good people at Purl who were featured in Martha. Did you see that? I hope they do more articles in her magazines. I haven’t made the table cloth yet, which will be just the faux bois print.

I used the napkins when we had people over for dinner this week and washed them last night, only to find that not all my seams caught the fabric, so a few sides are now raw and have to be fixed! It’s not nearly as fun to fix projects that you thought were all wrapped up and ready to be posted online. We’re off to San Francisco for the weekend. Hooray!

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Thrifted Gift

Thrifted Gift!

Look at these goodies! My dear friend Emily found these at an estate sale and was generous enough to share. There’s a whole bag full of already made yo-yos and about 60 cut circles to make more. It looks like the woman had a quilt in mind. I just love the fabrics, especially the green and blue anchor fabric. I can’t decide if I want to finish her vision, or do something of my own. Does anyone have any good ideas for yo-yo use?

Ryan and I are headed to San Francisco this weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations on sites/places to eat (we’re vegetarians)? I would love some suggestions.

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Linen Pear Sachet Tutorial

Fabric Pears

I made a tutorial for the pears. One takes about 20 minutes to whip up, a great small project for a hostess gift!

Step 1:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Print out this pattern and blow up to proportion.

Step 2:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Cut out two pieces from a solid fabric and one piece from a print (of course, you could do all solid or all print, or a variety). Linen and cotton work well.

Step 3:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Place the print fabric and the solid fabric right sides facing. Pin half of one side in place–from the middle of the bottom of the pear to about one inch from the top. Starting at the middle of the bottom of the pear shape, sew along one side until you reach the top pin using a 1/4″ seam. Back stitch at each end to secure.

Step 4:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Take the third cut piece, which is solid, and pin this to the unsewn half of the print pear piece. Start sewing from the middle of the bottom of the pear to about one inch from the top–as in step 3. Back stitch at each end to secure.

Step 5:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Pin the two open sides together. Sew from the middle of the bottom of the pear to about one inch from the top, making sure to sew just over the seam at the bottom of the pear to close the base of the pear. Along the curved edges of the seam, cut into the fabric at a 90 degree angle to the seam, stopping just before reaching the stitched line. This will help the curve to remain in tact when turning right side out. Turn right side out.

Step 6:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
With an even mixture of rice to dried lavender, funnel the sachet mix into your pear through the top. (Note: I freeze the mixture overnight to kill any bacteria, as a precaution.)

Step 7:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Wrap a leaf with ribbon and tie in a knot at the base to secure. Take the fabric pear and tuck in the top to the inside. Place the “stem” and leaf in this hole.

Step 8:
Linen Pair Sachet Tutorial
Hand stitch around the top of the pear to secure the leaf and stem as well as close the hole. Well done!

27 comments October 22nd, 2007

The Other Side


Fall Colors, Cascade Mts., WA

Fall Colors, Cascade Mts., WA

Grape VInes, Yakima WA

We drove to the other side of the mountains to go wine tasting in the Yakima Valley. On the drive, we stopped to snap some pictures and ran into some families foraging for mushrooms. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m looking into a guided tour for the next nice day (which, in this country, could be some time next fall!).

We did the wine trip a few years ago and I was impressed by the countryside, the quality of wine, and the prices. This time around the trip felt a little more touristy and the prices certainly reflected that, but we had a wonderful time. The weather was perfectly fall. We stopped at a a farm stand that had delicious pears, apples, peaches, honey, and all things pickled. We came home with a trunk full of goodies. I think some peach cobbler is in the works for later in the week.

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