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WIP: Beach Blanket

WIP: Beach Blanket

I’m working on a beach blanket that will be thin and small, yet long enough to fit me and my 6′ 5″ of husband on it. I decided on 7′ by 4.5′ but really it’s going to be massive, isn’t it? There’s just nothing small and compact about making a blanket to suit such tall purposes. I’ve been thinking about this project for a very long time. I found the yellow chair print at Value Village months ago. I then added the polka dots and the sparrows, and just recently the black gingham and the goldfish. I managed to piece about half of it together last night and have hopes of finishing the top altogether tonight. I’d really like to have the blanket done for our trip to the beach next week (despite the weather forecast of rain and 50 degrees, a girl can hope!).

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Around the Weekend

Pink Shoes!

Seattle Library

Store WIndow

The weather has been glorious and though I have been crafting, sitting in front of the computer to blog after sitting in front of the computer working all day sounds unappealing. But here I am! With new shoes! Aren’t they beautiful? They were an early birthday present from my mom. We spent our long weekend walking around town. We went to the library, a little cafe, saw this shop window, and to a friend’s for a barbecue (ever had barbecued pizza? it’s delicious, you should try it)–among other things. It was a very nice weekend made nicer by the fact that Ryan and I are spending next week on the Oregon coast. What did you do?

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Camera Case

Camera Case

Camera Case

I got a new camera! It’s a Sony DSCW55 and I love it. Our old camera was just that, old and busted. In order to upload photos, I had to fight a 20-minute battery life and push the broken cord in so hard it left impressions on my poor little fingers. They had cases to match and fit for $40, but they weren’t as sturdy as I wanted, and who wants to pay that? I had some leftover leather, Timtex, and velcro, so the project cost me nothing. And, I made it to match my purse!

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Fabric Boxes

Blogmeet Swap Goodies

After reading about Nikki Shell’s successful blogmeet, I decided to host one for Seattle-area crafters. Four other bloggers, Cranky, Ruby Crowned Kinglette, Wise Craft, and Write, Mama. Write., all came. It was great to put some faces to the writing and pictures. It’s so odd to intertwine your daily goings with someone’s life and never have met them in person. I imagine it’s a bit like going on a blind date after signing up for I have apparently succumbed to this whole i-life thing. But really, we had the best conversations and how nice is it to meet someone for the first time and have so much in common? I hope we can do this regularly, ladies!

We all agreed to bring a handmade treat for each other, and as you can see, that worked out well. I brought the fabric boxes adapted from Amy Butler’s book. I followed her pattern for the first two and the measurements are off, just a warning. I adjusted as I went, so I have no helpful direction for you. That aside, I was very happy with the finished result and they were fun to make–if a bit strenuous with the Timtex.

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Misnomer Box of Oddities: How to Survive a Long Voyage

Misnomer Box of Oddities: Dewdrops and Sunsets, They're Always the Same

As promised, the red box with miscellaneous bugs. It has a creepy crawler climbing out of a match box, a cicada, a red lily, amongst other things. To be honest, some of these creatures really freak me out. I almost schlepped when drawing the moth–isn’t that romantic? I’m not a big fan of bugs. Once they are all painted and cut out, they transform from gross to cute and kind of pretty to me.

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Moth Box of Oddities: Not Everything Can Be Pretty

Moth Box of Oddities: Not Everything Can Be Pretty

Moth Box of Oddities: Not Everything Can Be Pretty

I had no intentions of taking a blog break, but here it is a week after I posted last. I’ve been busy. I had a little art show this weekend so I was plugging away at the art boxes, which are very labor intensive. I finished three more for a total of six. I’ll post the rest of them this week. This neutral-colored box is the moth box. I originally intended it to be red, but found that moths are too demure to handle such a lipstick color.

I am also working on some more boxes, of the fabric sewn kind, from the Amy Butler book, but have no pretty pictures for you yet. The weather is gorgeous in Seattle today. I’m looking forward to a lunch-time walk to Whole Foods and a nice chair in the sun.

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