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Grapevine Earrings

Aja and I made these earrings based off a design from a Rhode Island School of Design student’s work. I forget how fast earrings come together. These took less than fifteen minutes and cost about a dollar to make. Talk about a satisfying project.

I love teapots. I’ve never had one before, never really used one before this year. My mom is what we in the fam call an ice tea-based life form. She consumes massive quantities of black tea, and is of the school where you microwave water in a Pyrex cup, steep, and immediately pour it into a Tupperware pitcher. There’s always a full box of ice and a full pitcher of tea at her house; it’s comforting, really. All this to say I’ve never experienced the benefits of a teapot before this year. This little blue one was in my stocking this Christmas and I use it almost everyday (even if it’s just to display pretty earrings). I’m not really sure how I got by before.

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I spent a long weekend on the East Coast visiting quaint Connecticut towns and stocking up in my much missed Manhattan. Aja, my dear friend who put me up, lives in that glorious carriage house. The whole property is very Jane Eyre, complete with pond, wild life, and amazing architecture. It’s a gorgeous place to live and I can almost see why she’d rather live out in the boonies than a metropolitan area…almost. We visited tea shops, waterfronts, antique stores, and did lots of girl things like paint our nails and make earrings.

We also spent a day in Manhattan, restocking my craft supplies (but really, as if I needed any more). We went to MJ Trims, Tinsel Trading, and Purl Soho. It was a great trip. Thanks for being such a lovely hostess, Aja!

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All the Things I Wish I Did

Tonia Cape
Isn’t this adorable? I found a vintage cape a few weeks ago that was so beautiful and even had an original brooch-like clasp. But, it was in sage green, which just isn’t me so I didn’t buy it. This free pattern from Fitz is almost identical, so now I can make one that has my name written all over it! I’m thinking houndstooth or a cheery yellow. Fritz also has a half dozen or so other patterns available for free.

Paper Roses
You probably won’t believe that these are actually paper flowers made from coffee filters, but they are. They’re made by a mom here in Seattle who just this week went on Martha’s show and also posted a tutorial on how to make them. I can’t wait to try these out; they will make a perfect mother’s day present. Mommy Makes Roses also sells them.

Stitch and Bitch Seam Guide
I did manage to order this sewing foot accessory from Sew Fast Sew Easy, which is supposed to help get that perfect, bought-in-store straight stitching look. I’ve used something similar on a Bernina machine and it made all the difference. I hope this works just as well (and for $10 including shipping, it would be a great deal!).

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Bird Quilt, with Kitty Flavor

I don’t have much crafting to show for this week, mostly because I finished hand quilting two of the seven rows on my bird quilt. Man is that labor intensive. The kitty decided the quilt was the best place to make a cozy nest and was very much cuddled up for most of the week. Not quite sure how she made that happen, but it was very cute (though kitty hair plus white quilt is not so cute). I did make some progress on a new bag and a very pretty invitation for a special event–blogmeet, ladies! More to come soon.

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Thrifts and Projects

Pink Owl and Babes

70s Quilting Book

70s Quilting Book

I’m just a few blocks walking distance from a huge thrift store–three stories to be exact. It can be very picked over, but not too many people are interested in the craft section. I found this little pink owl with babies a few weeks ago and this quilting book, put out by Sunset in 1974. There are some strange projects in there, like a quilted vest with the sun, moon, and stars and an apron that hangs from the shoulders to the floor like a table runner with a hole for the head. Weirdness. There are also some gorgeous patterns, like that bird quilt. The coolest bird quilt ever (I seem to have an affection for bird quilts). It looks like something you’d find in Anthropologie. I’m not quite ready to take on another quilt, but the house pillow is right up my alley, minus those horrible acrylic yarn tassels.

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In Stitches and Picture Crazy, But I Have a Travel Bag

Quilted Travel Bag

Quilted Travel Bag

Quilted Travel Bag--Pocket Central!

Quilted Travel Bag

This bag is based off of Amy Butler’s “Patchwork Handbag.” I doubled the width, added ten pockets to the inside, and simplified the log cabinish detail. I am so very pleased with how it turned out. I spent the $10 a yard on her fabric to use as the main pattern for the bag. It took quite a while to make (it was a little difficult to figure out the measurements to make it extra wide), but it was a super fun project and I will consider making it again, maybe for a gift in the future. I also made a little quilted pouch and a clear pouch for the airport security line. I’ve posted the widened measurements for anyone else that might want their bag a bit bigger. Just click “continue reading” below.

Ryan and I are walking down to Seattle’s super cool library. We haven’t been, yet. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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