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Un Tablier


Sorry for the poor picture. Who knew my camera would capture so much dust! Anyhow, I made this apron and a matching oven mit as a Christmas gift. The apron took forever to make, as I’m not one to follow patterns, and this was from Amy Butler’s pattern book. The book has many glorious ideas and precise directions that yield near-perfect results. She definitely takes the long way around the mountain, though. I almost always cut corners and leave edges unfinished. It was nice to spend a little extra time on the details for once. I recommend it every once in a while. If I tried to do this all the time, I would never get anything done! It’s also hard to gauge when and what is worth it. Will someone who doesn’t sew appreciate the details? Will they even notice? I generally think the answer is no. It has to be something that you find pride in–in knowing that your things are hand crafted, made with love, and environmentally friendly.

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Wrapping, Ties, and Bows

Vintage Wrapping Paper

Girly Gifts

Girly Gifts

I found a whole stack of vintage wrapping papers at the Fremont Market a couple of weekends ago. I had a hard time cutting it up, but it definitely goes with the fifties theme, if not my fifties theme (which happens to be pink, go figure).

The other gifts are for my girly girls. These are the gifts I think of first, plan for first, and finish first–of all the holiday-ing I do. They’re the most fun to give, and usually what I’m most happy with, partly because they represent me and them (two parties I am also very fond of). I wrote last year about how frustrating it is to have all sorts of crafty posts ready to go, but can’t share for fear of ruining someone’s surprise. These boxes will have to suffice for now.

Mary Lou with Handmade Mouse
Oh, and I usually abstain from the kitty posts, but she’s so cute and ferocious, plus it’s a hand-knitted toy from a colleague of mine (insert more convincing craft blog argument worthiness here). Merry Christmas all!

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Tree on 16th

Tree on 16th

Tree on 16th

These two trees are two blocks from our house–the other top side of the hill that was facing the brunt of the wind. These trees and the poor cars pummeled by them still have not been removed six days after the fact, in the heart of the city. It’s amazing and awful to see such beasts brought down by nature.

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Tea Time

Tea Tray and Cozy for Aja

Tea Pot for Aja

My dear friend Aja celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Sadly, I had to wrap and send her gift to her this year. I say sadly not only because it was terrible not to celebrate with her, but also because Aja is singlehandedly the most fun person to watch open presents, or just get excited in general. There’s clapping and dancing and jumping and shouts of glee; it’s really fun. I found these yummy teas at a great shop in Pike’s Place Market called Market Spice. They have a whole wall full of tea blends and an adjacent wall full of spices. I had a plan to make a tea cozy for her and find a vintage tea tray and tea pot, the first of which was easy to find. Teapots must break easily or it’s something people hold onto forever, because there was nary a teapot to be found in Seattle (that wasn’t ridiculous). Tucked away in an antique store a few blocks from my house, I spotted this one that seemed to suit her. I have no idea what it says. Hopefully it’s something nice and not a curse on her head. Does anyone out there have any idea?

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Am I Regretting the Move, You Ask?

Seattle Times
Photo from Grunchley1′s photos on Flickr

We are one of the very few homes in the Seattle area that have power, and it’s made us quite popular. I don’t think my shower has ever seen so much action. We live at the top of Capitol hill where there aren’t many trees to knock over our power lines. I’m really frustrated with the situation. I’m frustrated that well into the 21st century all of the power lines in Seattle are ABOVE ground. That the drainage system here is archaic. That one of the lamest systems of public transportation for a metropolitan area I have ever seen is here. That the city has almost shut down–schools are closed, shops are closed, people are cold. It’s backwards. It’s behind the times. Are we latched onto the past? Are we afraid of change? Too quiet to speak up? Too complacent to care? I love this city. I do not love what’s happening in this moment.

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More Vintage Finds

Vintage Christmas Table Cloth
Christmas Table Cloth

Vintage Picture Book
Picture Book

Vintage Cards
Vintage Cards

Vintage Apron
Lace, Polka Dot Apron

I have to say Seattle has quite a few more treasures to be found in thrift stores than Connecticut and New York combined. Maybe it’s just because we have a car here? I am SO stoked about this table cloth. It has a yule log. Could it get any better? Perhaps if it didn’t have stains along the creases from age/cigarette smoking, but they aren’t bad. The cards are in a box that says “Christian Greetings.” They have very funny sayings, like:
“Making special wishes/ That the time is close at hand/ When you’re feeling not just Well again–/ But positively Grand!”
Plus, all of the i’s and j’s are dotted with daisies. How cute!

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