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A Bugheart Production

Bugheart and I made a little swap, which I am very excited about. I got my packages (yes, that’s plural) in the mail yesterday and was like a child at Christmas. Each item came out and it was immediately tried on – orange fish skirt over my work pants, a purse on each arm and beautiful Pyrex bowls (that I’ve been coveting for ages) held aloft, as if mixing an invisible cake.

I am so in love with her whale purse. Isn’t it wonderful? It has a very vintage-inspired shape and is big enough to hold all things that live in my current purse. It’s hand knitted and felted, and she has just one more for sale here that is green and lucious. You should buy it.

This was so much fun to do. I now have a little bugheart in the kitchen, in my closet, and in the craft room. Thanks so much, Gwen!

Bugheart Package

Bugheart Whale Purse

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More Wallet Fun!

I made two more wallets as gifts. I don’t really know why I continue making these, they’re a bit excruciating. I think they turn out super cute, so I guess I will press on. Plus, I’ve finally found something I can make that boys like, too. Note exhibit A. The inside is lined with the cutest retro baseball print ever.

Wallet for Ben

Wallet for Ben

The green wallet is for Miss Bugheart. Her and I agreed to a swap and this wallet was part of my package. I made the little bug — the creepiest bug I could conjure — out of felt. She asked for a monochromatic wallet and this is about as monochromatic as things get around here.

Wallet for Bugheart

I’ve been terribly absorbed in books lately, in the past week I’ve finished “The Time Travelers Wife,” “The Kalahari Typing School for Men,” and I’m half finished with “The Mermaid Chair.” All of which I highly recommend.

The quilt is almost finished, too. My dear, sweet Aja whisked me away to fabric land and I am now well on the way to having one completed square-ish quilt. Hooray!

9 comments June 26th, 2006

Yum Yum Swap

Aja over at Buzzing Bee did a swap with me — a painting swap. We set a theme, frosting, and a size (which neither of us followed hee hee) and gave each other a month to complete it. And look at my beautiful painting! She calls it “Yum Yum Pigs.” I love it. It’s very me, what with the cupcakes, pink, and flying pigs. The colors are so pretty; the cupcake wrapper looks like a pink-purple-blue pastel. It’s so very beautiful, thank you Aja! We made a night of it, too. She had me over for wine and homemade pizza. You have to check out her site to see what I painted for her. So fun!

Painting Swap

Yum Yum Pigs

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Cake, Anyone?

I made too much, it’s coconut, would you like some? I tried my first ever Joy of Cooking recipe, from a copy that I picked up thrifting. I’m not so sure about it. I’ve had baked goods come out more moist and delectable than this, but it’s still good. Plus, it looks pretty.

Coconut Cake

And look what Head Full of Pixies sent me. Treats! She was the recipient of the patio lights in my Great Monday Giveaway. Isn’t the owl card oh-so-cute?


I’ve got the top of my quilt done, but no pictures. I’m a little frustrated. I was apparently too generous with my seams and am 30 inches shy of having enough fabric to cover the back. I’m just using plain, white cotton and wouldn’t you know there’s not a lick of it to be seen. We do not have a car, so I must wait for a New York trip or the dearest, sweetest friend to transport me to fabric world. Sigh.

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Gift Tag Swap – Check

The gift tags were sorted, wrapped, and placed in the post on Saturday, so you should receive your tags soon. I would like to apologize in advance if you receive your own tag or nine instead of 10. I was incredibly careful and organized about sorting these, but with 200 gift tags and 20 swappers something is bound to be off — despite my editor-nature. If something is wrong, please email me as I have left-overs and would not mind sending you an extra bit at all!

All of the gift tags are incredible, really. Go take a look for yourself. When they were all packaged up in your envelopes, they reminded me of a very luscious box of chocolates. Thanks to all who participated; this was great fun!

Now that business has been taken care of, look at the pretties that were sent along with the tags! You really shouldn’t have, but I am so glad that you did.

Gift Tag Swap Gift
This lovely cat from Mai Le now has a new home on our sofa. Mary Lou (the cat) has taken a particular liking to this softie and spends much of the day curled around it.

Gift Tag Swap Gift
The card and earrings are from My Spare Time. Aren’t they beautiful? The earrings are very me and so well-made.

Gift Tag Swap Gift
And magnets from Craftapaloza. These are beautiful and very original. They look great on my fridge.

Thanks so much everyone!!

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It’s a little late, but here’s my choice for red. My husband and I were walking along the street one day and there were construction workers repairing love. How fitting.


8 comments June 17th, 2006

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