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Well the picture isn’t great, but here’s the aforementioned textile art. My grandmother, who lives in a small town in Kansas, always had a clothesline in her backyard. When I was really young, I remember standing out there with her while she hung sheets and other white things on the line while I busied myself collecting rolly pollies in a bucket. The backyard smelled like clean laundry and warm tomatoes from the garden ripening in the hot Kansas sun; I had a very happy childhood. I have memories of many calm, long days filled with cobbler, sunscreen, and other sweet snapshots like this. I think my grandma’s clothesline is still there, although I don’t recall anything wriggling in the breeze but what remains of 20-year-old wooden clothespins.

Fresh Air

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Dried Cranberry Shortbread

Makes about a dozen

1 c. unsalted butter, softened
3/4 c. sifted powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. finely shopped dried cranberries

Preheat oven to 325. Put all ingredients in bowl and mix with spoon until combined, not too creamy. (you don’t want to overmix these or they’ll be like hockey pucks) Stir in cranberries

Press dough evenly into an 8-inch square pan. Bake about 30 min. until pale golden. Let cool for about 20 min. Store for up to five days.

These are super easy and delicious!


This is a Martha Stewart recipe.

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A Weekend’s Doings

I made this delicious cranberry shortbread and have posted the recipe in the desserts section on the Recipes page. It’s a good thing there’s a lot of metabolism in this house.

I bought these Emilio Pucci shoes that I can’t stop fawning over at the DSW in Union Square on sale at a price that was so shocking my jaw is still unhinged. If I could make a shoe, it would look a lot like this. The neon tape, the cut-out letters, the patent leather. The best part is, they smell like the leather shops on the back of San Marco in Firenze AND they are comfortable.
Emilio Pucci Shoes

I read “The Weight of Water” by Anita Shreve, which was thoughtful, poetic, and suspenseful. Like the rest of her novels, it was read in two days. We have season tickets to The New Group in Manhattan, so had very close seats (I felt spittle) for this disappointing play, hence the lemon. So disappointing, in fact, that I left a negative review on The New York Times.

And, despite this pile of Netflix movies awaiting our viewership, we watched “Jurassic Park.”

I actually did do some crafting. Another piece of textile art is in the works and Eleanor the Bear sold! She will be in the mail tomorrow.

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Crafty Goodness

I received this incredible bag WITH goodies from the generous and talented Karen. I don’t think I have ever encountered someone so kind and honest in having only interactions via the internet. I adore the bag. It has polka dots! and flowers! and pockets! and is very sturdy. I took it out for a spin already, and I can say assuredly that it’s fabulous. In case you can’t see from the picture, she also included some beautiful fabrics, magnets (I’m pretty sure she made), French stickers, and a sweet note. Thanks so much, Karen!

Karen's Beautiful Bag

Karen's Beautiful Bag

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Sailor Jack and Co.

This is a piece of textile art that I just finished. It’s a sailboat! A long time ago, I made a sailboat painting that was very simple but I loved it. It has since been lost, what with all the moving. (I always wind up giving or tossing items that I completely regret later.) There’s something about sailboats that seems so carefree… and they make me think of warm weather. Can you tell I’m ready for spring? I have never actually been on a sailboat, as I grew up in places that were landlocked. After moving to Seattle, it was always so exotic to see the boats lined neatly in the harbor with the sun hitting the water and making everything sparkle. I’m dreaming of it right now.

Sailor Jack Textile Art

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Kitties on the Couch, a Snapshot

Meet Persimmony, Primrose, Peony, and Pinafore*, pictured in order below. These are the finished kitties I’ve been working on for six days (!) now. Of course, it’s not like I was in front of the sewing machine torturing myself the entire time – or even half the time – but the tips of my fingers are raw from pinning. These are all for sale and will be up in the shop shortly, although I do have an ulterior motive for making them. Buzzing Bee and I have applied to be in Renegade, a hipster craft fair in Brooklyn that is taking place in June. I would love-love to be involved and have been wary about making anything for it, or even talking about it because I’m so anxious about REJECTION. (I put that in caps because that’s how that nasty word sounds in my head.) But, the always hopeful, I started conspiring weeks ago and conspiring turned into making things, which brings us back to the kitties. I particularly like Persimmony’s striped dress.

Set of Kitties 1 of 3

Set of Kitties 3 of 3

Set of Kitties 2 of 3

*Yes, the name is totally lifted from Alicia’s delicious line of bags. Check them out, she will inspire you too!

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