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Load of Doom

I did something stupid. To some of you this will come as a surprise, as I rarely do things without dotting my ‘i’s’ and crossing my ‘t’s’ as my second grade teacher used to say. This, my friends, may be the stupidest incident I have caused all by myself and I’m posting it for all the world to read.

1 comment November 30th, 2005

Elephant Pouch

This is my submission to Loobylu’s “A Month of Softies.”

Elephant Purse

I’ve been wanting to do an elephant for a while, but the head is so much cuter than adding a whole body to the thing. It has a cute little red zipper and I lined the inside with felt, which makes it pretty sturdy.

Add comment November 29th, 2005

A Litter of Bunnies

This warren is headed off to Bellingham, Wash. to participate in an art auction. There are 10 of them and each is made of a different fabric. Speaking of, I made a trip to the fabric store after Thanksgiving and found some beautiful fabrics that I was very excited to use. For a close-up of both the bunnies and the new fabrics, click the link below. (The blue one is my favorite!)

Litter of Bunnies

1 comment November 29th, 2005

Second String Swap

I’m participating in my first swap and I’ve got the banner and link on my sidebar – all professional-like – for you to check it out! I’m not sure what we’re swapping yet, but after looking at the backtack swap I am totally pumped about it. I love making things and giving them away and getting mail. Yea!

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A Kitty for Emma

This is a little kitty that I made for a cousin of mine. We spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Kansas, so I took along some handmade treats for them. This kitty has a matching pink sister that I gave to Olivia, Emma’s sister.

Blue Kitty

1 comment November 27th, 2005

Art Star

Not only am I a fan of the name, but this Philly shop has some beautiful handmade items for sale. I love this purse. It’s so beautiful AND it has an owl!!

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